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  1. A face that would make an onion cry.
  2. Better than fiddling their kids I guess...
  3. Hamstrings like cheesestrings
  4. Got a heid like a half chewed bollock.
  5. Anything to deflect. Holicon earning their shame money.
  6. Is it not your Bernadette he is with Declan? She wants someone interested in adults, not pumping wains.
  7. Tagged you in a few mucker.
  8. Semi final penalty shootout. Was watching it in the Reading RSC at the Sun Inn, tears of joy as it was the first win against those cunts since my old boy died, knowing how much he would of fucking loved it. Made even sweeter after going down to some taig crack den of a bar after and having a rammie after giving it a green street-esque reveal. What a day.
  9. Singing rebel songs with Dornan...
  10. Terrible call though, dint n ow what game the ref was watching!
  11. Lost count of many times he rolled boyata and won balls he had no right to today. Phenomenal shift.
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