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  1. 6 hours ago, GersInCanada said:

    That's the body Doncaster has been appointed to. Liewell is on the European Leagues committee which is who appointed Doncaster.

    Lawwell is on the Club Competitions Commitee.

  2. From the scum newspaper, 2 Aug 2019:


    LILLE are set to test celtic's resolve with an improved offer for Jozo Simunovic, according to reports.

    SunSport exclusively revealed the French side's interest in the Croatian last month as they made a £5million bid.

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  3. 2 minutes ago, dummiesoot said:

    I      will        type       very       slowly      so        you      understand.

    We        are        hated          in         this      backwater          sellik         get          whatever          they           want          at         all         times.  


    The        rest     of        Scottish      football         is quickly           going          bust           and/or        part-time.     

    Why         should          we         compete          in        a         league         where        only         one          team        is          allowed         to        win       and      no -one          else         cares         enough          to        say        that       is        wrong. 

    They          roll       over       get       their      belly      rubbed         and        say     'ok        Peter'


    So         currently          clubs         are        letting         almost          their          whole           squad           go.




    So you tell me what is daft about it?

    The formatting?

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  4. 47 minutes ago, Bobby Hume said:


    Could this be an indication of perhaps "a class action" being introduced into the arena then?

    Because their statement yesterday was a definite  one of .... "we're out" .... due to "we can't afford it"  ...... this could be interesting if we see others coming out with similar stories over the next few days ..... if this happens ..... it makes me think The Rangers have been having the meeting after the meeting sort of communication .... I hope so.


    This was Stranraer's initial statement after the EGM result.


    Stranraer have bowed out of the fight to force another probe into the SPFL resolution as they fired a “lessons learned” warning to league chiefs.

    The Stair Park minnows made up a third of the requisitioners who pushed through Tuesday's EGM.
    But they have left it to Rangers and Hearts to decide whether to press ahead with a costly legal challenge.

    Nonetheless Stranraer remain bitter over the resolution which they insist forced clubs to relegate them under financial duress.

    Vice-chair Shaun Niven lodged the Blues’ vote for the requisition at yesterday’s Zoom call.

    And he conceded: “I’m not overly surprised it didn’t get passed although I’m somewhat heartened that almost half of League 1 and 2 clubs supported it.

    “I’ve no idea why further up the chain there was such a strong vote against. Maybe they’re more satisfied with their lot at the middle or higher levels.

    “Ultimately that’s it for us now. We won’t be in a position to do anything that involves finance such as a legal challenge.

    “It’s time for us to put up and shut up and prepare for what’s ahead of us rather than behind us.

    “It’s up to Rangers what they want to do now. They’ve certainly not shared anything more with us.

    “At least in Murdoch MacLennan’s statement on behalf of the league he recognises there’s a fairly large group that didn’t support their views.

    “They are going to have to listen to us and learn lessons. That might improve things for everyone going forward hopefully.”

    Stranraer’s deepest concern over the Good Friday vote remains the resolution itself. Niven said: “The fact it conflated three different issues into one was the problem.

    “Those being the release of finance to clubs for their end of season payments along with promotion and relegation and then adding reconstruction into the mix.

    “Having the three of them in one vote was just ridiculous.

    “At the end of the day 38 clubs voted to relegate ourselves, Partick Thistle and Hearts but did they really want to? Or were they voting because of the financial duress they were under?

    “That vote was guaranteed to go against us and force us to accept a relegation by ballot rather than on the field of play. That just can’t be right.

    “But for us it’s time to prepare for League Two whenever football resumes.

    “Effectively from the second week in June we will have no playing staff, it’ll feel like we are in abeyance until we get word we can start again.”

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  5. 2 minutes ago, GersInCanada said:

    Decent of Hamilton to update both of their season ticket holders

    As we are all aware this is pretty much unchartered territory that we find ourselves in and, the truth is,that at the moment no one knows when Senior Football or our Youth Academy will successfully restart. We think it’s fair to say that everyone at the Scottish Government, SPFL and SFA are doing their best to monitor a very difficult and ever-changing set of challenges, so we can only wait on clear instructions from the various governing bodies on the best way forward.
    We want to absolutely fair to our supporters and have decided, at this point in time, that it is our intention NOT to put season tickets on sale for season 2020/21. Our reasoning behind this decision is simple – there remains various scenarios that could halt the new season or prevent it from running smoothly, and with that in mind we will be adopting a “pay at the turnstiles” policy when supporters are allowed to attend matches again. The backing of our loyal fans is greatly appreciated and we hope that this policy will encourage all of you to support the club as much as possible when the time comes. With regards to the current season it appears that we will not be playing the remaining games and season ticket holders, if they wish, can request a proportional refund on their season books.
    We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our community trust volunteers for the amazing work they are carrying out in the community and together with the children charity Blameless they are really making a difference to so many lives during these very trying times.
    Thank you for all your support.
    Please stay safe.
    Colin McGowan
    Chief Executive


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