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  1. Confirmed now apparently. https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com_sport_football_hearts_robbie-2Dneilson-2Dagrees-2Dterms-2Dto-2Dbecome-2Dnew-2Dmk-2Ddons-2Dboss-2D1-2D4304979&d=CwMGaQ&c=axaOw2qHyp7zEDNbTjpgYA&r=EHGvF2_-tXavaVzN2GTV67GP7DRkbHEThXlPaceBXww&m=dsjHqsAk23m-6VcdQQvTzuVgAGxmRDqx9N0U-WaU9vI&s=cv1VWyiPuxjhZRGYQcbh-W-OSAHZ0c1wIuFJ8FD7huY&e=
  2. Trump is racist: Hilary was endorsed by a leader of the KKK. Also stated young African American men were animals. Trump is a misogynist: Hilary uses dirty tactics adisparages the reputations of women sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton. Also, she is bankrolled to the tune of millions of dollars by ME countries with appalling women's rights that condone and practice Female Genital Mutilation. Trump is a warmonger: Hilary was complicit in the sale of arms to ISIS and contributed to the mess in Benghazi and woukd more than likely send us headlong into another cold war with
  3. So shite you had to post about it. Sound mate.
  4. Raiders edge another tight Win!! Not complaining, would of bitten your hand off for 6-2 at this point at the start of the season!!
  5. They like to break them in young...
  6. Will need to tell that to Brenda, the deluded tranny shagger!
  7. Is the Lego muncher still good enough for the EPL after today? Were his performances against the footballing powerhouses of Israel, Kazakhstan and Gibraltar enough to push his transfer value up?
  8. I think they have a decent shout of the play offs this season!
  9. You seriously questioning the validity of that picture and my service?
  10. Aye, sound mate, as far from a taig as you could imagine. Belter.
  11. Constant negative connotations being used against the club in the media, even down to photographing the stadium specifically when the weather is overcast and from bad angles to use for whatever drivel they are writing about.
  12. Do we require more policing than the nhappy rhippers? Why specifically use 1 club for the example? Paranoid? Not at all...
  13. Always remember Tugay putting a few tasty challenges in, and Barry Fergus on wasn't a shrinking violet in his pomp.
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