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  1. "No individual is bigger than the club". Great quote early on in the video, absolutely spot on!
  2. Maybe not the best turn of phrase looking back on it!!
  3. Joey Barton is going to abuse him like Torbett abused the fat wank that is Brazil!!
  4. I saw him make one forward pass tonight, everything else went sideways or behind...
  5. Rumour has it that an absolute hero has painted the kerbstones red white and blue in the gallowgate!! Edit: just seen, half cut already!!
  6. Random but I play in the same American Football team as his Brother.
  7. I think he was tiring badly before the injury and in a strange way it might be a blessing in disguise, hopefully having been rested and if he trains and plays before Bheast FC I think he will be pivotal in bullying Mulgrew et al.
  8. Diving aside, Hippolyte seems like a decent prospect
  9. Only non Brit that was in today's squad was big Kaiser Kiernan!
  10. Was a standout today, one of his best performances since he signed for us. Offers more dig and drive than zelalem does IMO.
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