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  1. If he had, he'd have been the second best French-Algerian to play for us.
  2. http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/sport/football/rotherham/derby-day-success-helped-rotherham-snare-rangers-target-morgan-1-4893302
  3. Gives me a reason to watch the Football League Show. Good luck at Charlton, Salim.
  4. Would JJB do the shirt printing if you took one from Amazon in, or would you have to buy it from JJB for them to print it?
  5. You've only got a four point cushion now. I think it can only be yourself or me who wins it now.
  6. He was the one player I wanted to stay more than any other. The fact that he's shown up, out of contract, is a testament to him. A true Rangers man, unlike so many who claimed to be and then walked away.
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