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  1. One year since Fernando's sad passing.
  2. I used to think Craig Thompson was bad, but this wankbag's a on a completely different level.
  3. I know what you're saying and you are right, that cunt clancy is a cheating bastard, and would book them or send them off. I'd have been off. I'm still going tonto the noo 😆
  4. Barisic maybe, they should all have been going tonto.
  5. I'm fucking raging at our players not giving a shit after that tackle, they should be going fucking mental, bawling and shouting in that cunt clancys face. Fuckin shitebags.
  6. Thats why you're manager at Billericay Town ya fuckin clown.
  7. Fuckin cheats. No doubt about it. Every game the opposition get away with 5 or 6 fouls, then they might get spoken to. Rangers player first or second foul is booked. Its fuckin blatant. Until our board start calling these fucks out, they will continue to fuck us over.
  8. We should be more concerned with getting a striker for Saturday, than taking a fucking knee.
  9. Taken far too young, sleep tight David 🇬🇧
  10. I don't see wide spread rascism in this country. Maybe you do i dont know, however every week players taking the knee and making black power salutes I don't think is the way to go. Just my opinion.
  11. How long is this taking the knee pish supposed to last. The English Premier league started back a good while back and yet every week teams are still at it. Who exactly is saying black lives don't matter? This is becoming a fuckin nonsense. Players taking the knee willy nilly, like its a fuckin game of thrones. They can fuck off.
  12. Spfl trying to get a 5 match ban once the season kicks off. Probably be granted since we won a game. That's how these twisted tarrier fucks work.
  13. I thought this taking the knee pish would have subsided by now, however here we are about three months later and teams are still doing it. All this seems to do is create a divide between black and white that was never there.
  14. Just dont tell her, and you and your gentleman will be fine until you start fucking off to Ibrox every other saturday 😆
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