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  1. The boys that resigned from heart and hand should be reinstated, and if the rebel starts complaining, just say we'll resign when all you cunts resign until then we're staying put.
  2. We wouldn't need a British army either, we would defend our shores with big swords and bagpipes wouldn't we ya fuckin crackpot.
  3. Walked past it and seen disabled people refused entry, as it was full. An absolute fuckin disgrace on and off the park.
  4. Best left back since Sasa, maybe not as good a defender as Papac, but overall with what he brings attacking wise and his set pieces, overall he's up there.
  5. I can't believe he never took the job when offered it. Was only going to get that chance once. Obviously releived he didn't, but I don't really have any hatred for the guy.
  6. Thought I would post this that I found on YouTube. Must admit I got quite emotional looking back at what we've been through. Our support has been unbelievable. Apparently the guy is posting part 3 when the season is over. Enjoy
  7. What a guy. My very first old firm game at Ibrox was the 5-1 game and Wilkins scoring that belter. He might have been about 35 years of age but what a player. I see Davis in the Ray Wilkins mould.
  8. He couldn't hide his hatred for Rangers when asked about the Kamara incident, when it was obvious to all and sundry that there was a racist comment made. The club are bang on banning that prick, and I hope when any other commentators/journalists come out with anti Rangers pish the club take the same stance. Incidentally I noticed on there intro to the scottish cup highlights tonight they had some old footage of Rangers winning teams. They can go and take a flying fuck to themselves if they think that will get them back in the door.
  9. Still got another 2 years left in him. No surrender Steven Davis πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
  10. I'm absolutely sickened by the racist abuse to kamara on Thursday, the one positive im taking from this is how we stick together as a team. I'm proud as fuck of our players reaction to what happened, waiting on they cheating racist shitebag bastards for 45 minutes, while they hide away in the dressing room. This is a proper Rangers team. πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
  11. We should move leagues to Mars, probably get more sense out a Martian than on this thread.
  12. It's the greatest save that I have ever seen, God save the queen πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ˜œ
  13. In all seriousness I think he knows, now is not a good time to take over liverpool, he's only getting started here and he knows that job will be his one day, however he's got business here first. And having spoke with Mr Souness, he's well aware.
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