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  1. Tav's clyde built. I'm optimistic he'll back in a couple of weeks. 🇬🇧🚢
  2. There will come a time, when they will want to interview and interact with our club, I just hope we remember the way they have behaved and go and tell them to take a flying fuck to themselves.
  3. If I was Gerrard zungu would be on the first plane back to France. The others would be transfer listed, and decide at the end of the season if they have shown enough remorse and are genuinely sorry to play for this club.
  4. 2 guys snorts curry powder instead of coke, one guys got a dodgy tikka, the others in a korma 😜
  5. Keep calm and curry on 🇬🇧🥘
  6. I was joking m8, my panties are dry 😜🇬🇧
  7. I know, but ye canny beat wetting yer panties ya fuckin maniac ye 😆😆💧💧🇬🇧
  8. Agreed, but I honestly don't believe he's in any rush, maybe Ian (see what I did there). He's only just getting started here. 🙂
  9. This reminds of the souness situation. Sounesss has told Stevie the score. Stevie will leave when the time is right for him. He's not daft.
  10. The gaffer is staying till the league is won. We will deal with anything after that.
  11. Who gives a fuck what that tarrier mess said. The league flags coming home.
  12. I've been watching it through my season ticket all season without any problem, however for the st Johnstone game it didn't even come on. I know a lot of other people were the same. Hopefully its sorted for tomorrow.
  13. Does anyone know if Rangers TV has been sorted out, after that shambles when we played st Johnstone?
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