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  1. The worst thing about it is, at the start of the passage of play he’s about 6 yards off. The linesman has to be looking at him...how on earth does he conclude he’s onside
  2. Doesn’t really matter to them Amount of passes, that’s where the action is.
  3. Yeah. I know f all but would wonder if GVB would have gave Roy M the AM job and Dave the 1st team coach if this was how its playing out. I suspect this guy is here to oversee everything youth. Again though, what do I know about how he wants to structure Feels like the type of pedigree we want around the club regardless.
  4. Exciting appointment - once it’s confirmed what his role is. Surely this fella has a wee black book of talent potential we can be looking at?
  5. Anymore of his lies I’ll post his home address and cut down the trees in his garden I’m hiding in
  6. Doubt it was affordability. Was well publicised then Murray was gonna splash big on a striker and Flo followed very soon after (I think, from memory) Interesting to hear different takes on Hartson though, I’d always thought it was as simple as a failed medical.
  7. No wonder mate, my cryptic overthinking ramblings. I guess I’m just not accustomed to such amazing efficiency from us if we pull it off, gets a person wondering how long all this has been in flow for. Fingers crossed it gets done as I’d be well fucking chuffed.
  8. A few days 🧐.......If (IF) we do make such a quick appointment there is a tiny wee part of me wonders if.......I mean international break starts, ‘Click’ Gerrard gone, GVB identified and in.....it’s almost like .....ah never mind....Paranoia, terrible thing.
  9. If we need someone in (and I hope we don’t) on a very temp basis then McCann has to be an option Knows the squad , league , next opponent Absolutely not Murty or Derek Mc.
  10. Yeah......but getting back into the game has now potentially become about us - Mibbie
  11. Did try to suss it mate but couldn’t. Tbf if it wasn’t I think it’s potentially transpired to be relevant to us and him now
  12. These markets can be a lot of shit but that’s some shift on GVB in about 15 mins
  13. I’d be hoping we have other options if we need a caretaker which I hope we don’t.
  14. I had no idea just how much of a riot his a managerial career had been - amount of jobs hes in and out weeks later ! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gennaro_Gattuso
  15. Fair comparisons to be made there I agree - could argue the Clyde Tunnel 1 left with a gift wrapped title being handed over.
  16. Could stand either side of this argument. Asked the majority of us what we wanted from him at outset I’d say he’s ticked most boxes. Stop the downward trajectory (fucking free-fall), get the title back, stop OF embarrassments, getting us back in amongst European Football (holding our own) and in general have us looking like a modern, professional club again...he’s done all that and for that reason I for one consider him to have done a good job, excellent tbh. He is one of few managers in my lifetime that would hand the club over in a better place than he picked it up, by some distance. it’s the timing though isn’t it - will there ever be a good time ? Answer is probably not but you’d struggle to find a worse time. This campaign is so crucial...last year emotionally it was peak, the stakes are higher this year. I guess what he has said, installing that feeling of getting it, understanding where we are trying to get to and more so where we have been...I guess it’s easily chalked up as ‘they all say that’....Well I fell for it. Naive? Yeah, seems so but there you have it Unfortunately the timing is the difference of take a lap of honour to leaving a bit of a bad taste, I do think history will be kind to him as far as we are concerned Gorra emphasise - total speculation, but reading between the lines I’m thinking it’s in flow now.
  17. Show time for him. Not a single fan hasn’t been acutely aware of the risk this could happen and the potential consequences. There has to be a succession plan in place. Any sense of long term, patch work caretakers whilst the process begins will be a cataclysmic failure. Candidates should already be identified and shortlisted based on our core requirements If this happens we should be doing what Villa have done....1 out 1 in quicker than you can say ‘did he not just say he was happy and settled’
  18. It is a must buddy but going forward we cannot be reliant upon CL money. I just do not understand how we cannot sell. Take Goldson - we should never have ended up in this position. Borna? Croatia left back and we can’t seem to atttact bids when he was bang on form - what’s he worth right now ? Something odd about it for me - we need a model where we sell and right now Wilson has done no better that his predecessor in that regard.
  19. Amateur hour from me but it strikes me that our failure to cash in on one high ticket player strikes again. Stating the absolute obvious but one healthy sale and those numbers are oh so different. We can only accept a bid if we get it but I just can’t understand how at the end of last season we were not in a position to do that.
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