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  1. Let's hope there is no magical inflated next transfer unless we are getting a decent chunk of change.
  2. Madness he wasn't in the original squad given his start to the season, everything else not withstanding.
  3. If actually been given fair treatment by the SFA, (no laughing in the cheap seats) even if not being spectacularly helped, we had enough in that team to take the league even with the run to the final. We were severely fucked over.
  4. Popped into this thread hoping to see a positive update from you, FB. Great to hear you're on the up, look after yourself
  5. Might not have been top priority over the 'banter years,' but the selection of merchandise really is something we quite often disappoint with. Saying that, the rubber duck was quite snazzy!
  6. That's a cracking pick of Laudrup. Loved that shirt as well, personally.
  7. Cracking piece of news. This summer is off to a great start.
  8. FB cover Creativity in the midfield (desperately needed) CF Hopefully a general raising of squad quality, coupled with the avoidance of horrific purchases like the two Mexicans.
  9. Glad we have brought these two new CB's in on permanent deals and not a loan basis. Dislike the premise of loans in general, however, given our closeness to the EPL and the way Scottish footbal has gone, can see why we probably need to go down that route for a player here an there now. That said, I'd prefer it to be one or two players able to supplement the squad of our own players, rather than loads being added in the shape of loans. In particular the spine of our team, to me, always needs to be our own players. Hopefully him and the Croatian lad can start providing us with a bit of stability
  10. You could start and actually rebuke a million things in that, although, since he's constantly full of shite, it's not worth the effort.
  11. It was howling winds and pishing down a couple of days back, if that makes it any better! I think he and his 'plan A better' has been found out with a certain standard of player to be honest, but the ginger Maldini is a fine legacy to leave anywhere, I suppose I've been harsh
  12. Live near Malaga, mate. I've not heard too much talk about him for ages to be honest. After Pedro and all, he seems to have fallen back into just another part our history and the madness of the last fee years. Rarely hear much chat on him now. If bread man is a Timmy slur, then I stand corrected
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