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  1. Either that, or enter a 'fact-finding' mythical tour of the Far East stage left.
  2. There are very few actual journalists left in this day and age. Shills, hacks, and those fully willing to lick the arse of their paymasters is what we have these days. Football and sport in general used to be a bit of a last bastion, however, these days it is getting nearly as bad. Thankfully we still have the odd one or two who care about their work and have integrity. Wouldn't even get started on the MSM in general.
  3. She should have commented after a pissing wet Monday night against Ross County with fans disgused a seats. Could have joined Rod.
  4. Bringing back an older post here, not a signed shirt - I am looking to get a new top from this season and want to raise a fund or two by selling my 2002-03 Rangers (ntl) Orange shirt with Lovenkrands #26 printed. Shirt is a Large and is in good condition. Send me a PM if you would be interested at all!
  5. Nice marina as well, yeah. You visit Bar None when you were over?
  6. To anyone else who hadn't been through the shit we have been through, you, would probably sound paranoid. Sadly, we all know better than most we must stay vigilant. Yeah, near enough anyway mate. Was there in Bena today actually
  7. Who would have thunk it? Get some men in the box, hit a man and good things start to happen. Great to see.
  8. Had been trying to find this for weeks. The search on Spotify can be an adventure unless you have the exact title of the pod. Cheers for that! Battle Fever is another good podcast imo. Well worth a listen, and if you like H&H I'd give these boys a try. Their interview with Gordon Smith is a real good hour or so. Could listen to Gordon's stories all day and comes across as a really genuine guy.
  9. He might have to take a tablet before doing it, however, two up top, Hagi as a fucking proper number 10 in behind. We are playing Livi on a plastic carpet, not Milan cerca 1990. Don't think Hagi looks great within all this two No. 10s pish / inside forwards (which is what it really is,) whatever you want to call it. It is hardly reinventing the wheel.
  10. Who had Barker at 93 mins for the top from @BlueThunder ? Looking like a good shout at the minute.
  11. Looks like a mistake is coming from him any minute on this surface.
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