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  1. Clearly means he might rate him, however, not enough to play him for the bigger games, or he'd be in there and not benched. They are here to be impact players, and better than what we currently have, or why are they here. Obviously MW doesn't consider him at that standard or he'd be involved in the bigger games. You think all three of them have majorly contributed to a run, and in a way that a Rangers player couldn't? As remember, that can be the only rational as to why they are here besides future options. I'd hate to see a similar scenario next season if those are the extent of the contribu
  2. Unless you're being deliberately obtuse, I think you see it more than clearly. The fact that I don't give a toss about any EPL club or their players, and that if they are hardly better than our youths, then why are they here in the first place, if other than to develop them for EPL teams. The only side bar being, as I said, next time, perhaps we'll actually get a couple in who can become some of our better players, otherwise, why are they in instead of a Rangers player of here in the first place. The youth is a smoke screen. These players aren't here to be better than just our youth, of which
  3. Exactly! He might be decent for where he is at his career, however, how the fuck is that helping Rangers. If anything, it's only helping an EPL determine whether or not they have an actual talent on their hands and to aid their club in the future. The only hope to that is they manage to send us a couple of players next season who may actually help contribute at the present time for us.
  4. It means the management team think the players they select for the big games are the best players at the club or available at the time; as MW has been quoted as saying on many an occasion, if they are good enough, then they are old enough. Works both ways, the fact he sits for the major games would prove testament to that fact. I wasn't so much bothered about him getting a run out today, more the fact some smart arses (not you) were proclaiming him as the next great thing after he set up a goal against the Blue Brazil. Pushing their own little agendas while choosing to ignore the fact he's bee
  5. Of course we need to give these players game time, and as I've said, hopefully next year we can actually get a player or two in with (right now) the quality to contribute to a title run. He's had plenty of game time, most of it, fortunately, not in the big games encase he decides to go missing.
  6. Then why are you still stretching to prove a moot point, or do you expect everyone to agree with your point of view, then it's not so silly. Come on, Al can't continue a discussion then chastise someone for that. Caring about the future of Rangers, I'm alright with that.
  7. Some people perhaps, yes, however, myself, I'm not one of them. That said, however, there is no point in having him on the pitch if there are better options available. He's not here to be better than out youths - otherwise we really are turning into a fucking EPL feeder club - he's here to be one of our best players, otherwise, why is he here exactly. Someone like a Weiss came in - albeit a bit overrated by some - and he was quite clearly one of our best players and a cut above at the top tier. I'd prefer a team full of Rangers players, however, accept where Scottish football is and if we can
  8. I'm not being told the manager thinks he's the next best thing since sliced bread, when in fact for every big game he's had him on the bench. Funny, discussion on a football forum.
  9. Personally, I'm all or giving young players every opportunity to perform, Rangers players. I'm one of the first to say to give them every opportunity to make it and receive game time. That really is the actual point, if they are going to contribute to our future then happy days. However, the fact we bring players in on loan would suggest they automatically be far superior to a number of our players and be one of the best players we have - certainly not the case with him - otherwise we are simply developing a future player for an EPL team. I don't give a fuck what age a loan player is, they are
  10. The once decried 'invisible man' has looked good under a manager with any clue as to how to manage a football club. Not a case of excusing Law, some of the previous performances were poor, however, he's been far more effective in there than the aforementioned. As for your last point, it's bang on the money.
  11. He has to give them game time, that is quite clear, however, says a lot that he's not been selected for the more crucial matches. Give me a Rangers player in the team instead of an Arsenal loan player unless he improves our team ten-fold or beings something we don't have to the table; at this moment he does neither. I care more about the future of Rangers than helping Arsenal rear their reserves. Other than that, as I say, next season people will expect us to be challenging right away and they'll be no room or leeway as we have had in many a game next season. We can't afford to carry players,
  12. Difficult concept for some here to grasp it would seem. The much maligned Law has come back in and outshone the next Boban in every game he has played. Are people forgetting he's looked totally anonymous against the likes of Dumbarton and Alloa. Strange description for immense talent.
  13. Flippant? Fucking irony if there ever was an example. Immense talent, well that is certainly debatable. You know what I find strange, Al? Rangers fans cheerleading an Arsenal loan product and championing his future cause which will have fuck all to do with Rangers.
  14. No, however, if people continue to post patronizing rubbish to push their own view - on a Rangers discussion board - I think I'm allowed to post an opinion.
  15. I'm sure MW himself isn't arrogant enough to think he's infallible, however, what has that got to do with the point about people fawning over an Arsenal player when he's done bugger all in a Rangers shirt. Would probably vindicate the point in that MW has avoided using him in most of the really big games.
  16. Amazes me, one decent pass for an assist and people are still trying to proclaim the Arsenal loan guy as the next Xavi. Must have been due to the Blue Brazilian opposition. Quite sure half of it is agenda driven in people looking to be proved correct, which I find odd considering any future player he may become will only to be the benefit of Arsenal: as it sure as fuck isn't going to be with us. People are conveniently forgetting the fact he's done the square root of fuck all in the vast majority of his game time. If he's ever going to be as good as he has been talked up by some, (world class)
  17. A good point If we are told by all and sundry that our EPL players should be getting a game simply because an EPL team has been so gracious to loan them to us, then we'd be as well insiting the players we loan out actually see proper game time. Can't have it both ways, both have contributed precious little so far, and have received considerable game time, particularly earlier on.
  18. When you think of all the players - may of whom were Rangers - down the years not to even have a sniff of the Scotland set-up, makes you realize just how far we've fallen as a footballing nation when utter mince such as him are given a team Cap. Remember his appearance as well, totally shambolic. Proved exactly why he ended up with the one, and he was fucking lucky to get that.
  19. Aye, a completely impartial body right there. Think the statement ended along the lines of 'not holding our breath'. It's a wonder the sound of rabid frothing from the East End wasn't audible in the background.
  20. Not afore time. Him standing outside Ibrox doing his little reports like the harbinger of doom is enough to make you put your foot through the telly.
  21. Doesn't mean it's always the best thing for the club, pal. Hopefully as I say above, the next time we attempt it, we make a better job of it. As I said on many an occasion, if they come in as standouts, or make a decent contribution, then I can see why in this day and age we'd utilize it. Enjoy the darts.
  22. Wasn't aware players had to play in the same position in order to critique them on overall performance. The latter would lead me to think both weren't the best pieces of business at the expense of Rangers players getting game time to prepare for next season and a whole myriad other reasons. As I say, if we continue to go down this route then, particularly next year, lets hope if they must play, they can actually make a decent contribution. They will strengthen at the Meccano Dome, and we'll be expected to challenge right from the very off.
  23. Are we? Have you seen all their game time? A player like Weiss coming up - albeit not completely consistent in all games - suited both our ends; however, with these two, it's simply nothing of the sort. The latter is exactly what we are doing.
  24. So you think Oduwa has been good, however, Thompson isn't good enough; even although, when he has played, he's looked excellent? We can agree to disagree, however, I think that they are in simply as they have to be given game time and not on merit. Thompson when he has appeared has look just as good. We can't be claiming that our youngsters aren't played as they aren't good enough and then simply gloss over the fact that the majority of the displays put on by the loan players have been average, let alone setting the heather alight. I reiterate, what is the point of having them here if that's
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