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  1. Agreed. Windass can get tae fuck as well.
  2. At the moment I would drop them all in a bin and set it on fire. Realistically, we can't get rid of them all, so I am going to keep who I think is salvageable with a decent manager in place: Declan John Ryan Jack Graham Dorrans Josh Windass Alfredo Morelos Daniel Candeias Jason Holt Jak Alnwick Jason Cummings Jamie Murphy Ross McCrorie Greg Docherty
  3. I'd throw it in her and shake it around.
  4. Really, really hope we sign him. One of the few players on our current squad who actually wants the ball. I have no idea what he would cost, but if he is willing to stay we should be able to buy him.
  5. Yeah, let's get MON as manager and the Lurgan bigot as assistant. What could possibly go wrong?
  6. It's the board's fault we aren't challenging the dhims. They set the target at 55 and did fuck all to provide the funds to put in a serious challenge. It's Warburton's fault we are in third and struggling to clearly finish second. He has enough of a budget to claim second by a country mile but he just isn't up for it.
  7. Full of effort in the second half but we clearly are lacking quality. Desperate times.
  8. We are a fucking shambles! We're on for another hiding! Our only chance is whatever Warburton says, do the opposite!
  9. If we sit back and let them play it will be a long game for us. If we get right intae them and pressure them they will fold like they always do. I have a good feeling about this game.
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