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  1. It’s not investment it’s a Takeover. D King will be away in 3 weeks.
  2. Not sure I feel comfortable you letting the players off the hook like that. I think the lack of effort and sloppy play was an absolute disgrace.
  3. He switched in the Shankill Road Christmas Tree lights a couple of years ago.
  4. To the contray old bean... in the early 90’s Portadown had an excellent team and the locals backed them to the hilt.
  5. Ok mate, was just trying to wind you up...sorry. :( I’ve walked down the Brownstown Rd for football and it was always unwelcomimg. Used to do deliveries up Edgarstown ( Union Street) too....
  6. Very deep and evidently very true.
  7. Sorry.....I get you now. Lol...my shame . very good.
  8. yawn... Many eniemies of the PUL community used that photoshopped mural as ammo during the elections. Surprised someone on here would post it...that’s all.
  9. lol....all I’m saying is I was surpised you posted that photoshopped version of the UDA/LVF mural on the Lower Shankill. Why did you?
  10. I get your point 100% but for me this is last chance saloon. We simply can’t get this next appointment wrong. If we don’t have the cash to get a ‘does what it says on the tin’ manager then I think we need to back Murty for another season.
  11. Exactly mate....but in all honesty if we’re not gonna splash some cash and get a big name in then I thun’ we should stick with the stability that Murty brings.
  12. Lol...he missed several sitters last week and was singled out on here for quite a lot of criticism. Probalem today for Cummings was as a serious lack of service.
  13. Exactly mate and all this crap about inexperience being significant .....fuck sake Mourinho isn’t inexperienced and he got everything very badly wrong against Sevilla. Keep the faith....we’re gonna end up having as many managers in a ten year stretch as we’ve had in our entire history.
  14. Shite thing about that was the two fat bouncers let the 10 Tim’s who didn’t make it inside on time get a kicking. That wouldn’t happen in our Pubs.
  15. I heard they tried to attack the Wee Rangers Club.
  16. Means someone can't drive a car down Copeland road and mow down all the supporters.
  17. I'm gonna cum all over the Brownstone road and smack your arse you sexy wee man.
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