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  1. mate I have no idea why you would even start this thread Weir done a great job for us
  2. mate Celtics lawyers went through rangers books with a very fine tooth comb and could find no wrongdoings
  3. gouray 1 the bond is shut down mate gonna be a coffee shop or something like that and mrwin cant wait to tell dawson he got a mention on rm hahafuck knows what his reaction to that will be
  4. aye mate the temple will be showing the game. also the oxford bar will be screening it but if your only over for the weekend then you really should give the temple a visit wall to wall Rangers
  5. mate ahh where do I start feck it I wont even bother its late and I unlike some have work to go to
  6. ok you dident call anyone names directly but you sure as fuck made some insinuations
  7. and you appear and start calling people names what the fuck is that all about
  8. what charade its rangers fans talking about rangers
  9. you are logged in William so please tell us your reasons for your shit tonight on rangers chat
  10. Gordon brown was made head of celtic charity foundation last year .no doubt with a handsome bonus paid every year
  11. im not submitting a fake m8. i cant even sign it 1 time and i want to know why
  12. is jersey considered part of the uk for this petition. i have tried to sign it 9/10 times and cant
  13. the reason they want us to agree not to appeal any guilty charges they find against us is because they are trumping up evidence that they dont have. same as the disrepute charge they had no evidence but found us guilty because they said well someone at rangers must have knowen what whyte was doing despite the fact that every rangers board member were very public that the club should not be sold to this fraudster.but as per usual the scottish media refuse to print anything pro rangers.sorry guys bit of a rant but im an angry bear
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