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  1. The amount of our supporters that can't distinguish a Nazi salute from an Ulster hand salute is frightening and its these idiots that give us a bad name (like those two squaddies in the paper last week).
  2. Watch Youtube clips of each brother and its incredibly hard to split them. Michael's vision and the ability to execute that killer pass is special. Then you see Brian skipping past defenders for fun and toying with them. People who say Michael is far superior are doing Brian a disservice. I cant split them so im saying Brian.
  3. Skyrim Modern Warfare Metal Gear Solid 4 Arkham City Blops
  4. I feel for young supporters like you if he's the best player you've seen at Ibrox. All we can do is hope the glory days return as quickly as possible with players as talented as Laudrup, Gazza, Gio etc...
  5. Who voted for Jon Daly?! Anyone who didnt vote for Lee Wallace needs to clue themselves up a bit.
  6. He isn't very good but will do for now.
  7. Thankfully we'll have our proper socks back
  8. He's a zany bastard who just cant help himself from making outrageous comments. It's worrying that he's in such a high position in football.
  9. Sonic 1 & 2 for the Sega Megadrive FTW
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