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  1. They’ve done it before. I mind seeing posts from posters on this forum in the daily record years ago. They weren’t even that bad iirc.
  2. Because they’ll be fine if they catch it.
  3. Footballers not getting the jab is apparently quite a widespread problem, don’t blame them as they probably see it as they’re fit and healthy enough to get infected without any real effects to their health.
  4. It is, but he can’t punch it into the goal so it isn’t included in the decision.
  5. People calling him baldy hitting too close to home for you?
  6. They wouldn’t be looking at him because he’s pish
  7. No danger they’re looking at someone like that. Would be hilarious mind you, would definitely keep the meltdown going
  8. You don’t need a pro licence to manage in the Greek 3rd division.
  9. A lot of short memories in here forgetting the last invincibles
  10. You can say he’s done an amazing job without wanting to sack gerrard and get him in...
  11. Qualifying for the CL group stages would cover that and grant us at least £10m more. it makes sense to go for it because even if we don’t make it to the groups this season, the league winners next season go directly to the groups. Next season is more important to win than this season was.
  12. They’re more using us and Leicester as an example of how low Milan are despite claiming to be super league quality.
  13. We don’t really play a right midfielder/winger.
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