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  1. First game in the group so wouldn't have heard it at the time, the stat I recall was (can't recall over how many years/seasons) there had only been 3 teams in Europe who kept a clean sheet at Old Trafford. AC Milan, Inter Milan and Glasgow Rangers. I dare say your stat came true by seasons end.
  2. Sure it was on this thread with the dog being caught by an exploding air bag in a garage. That wasn't funny, and the cat one definitely wasn't either. Appreciate the nature of the OT, and don't believe in curtailing content, but they at least should have came with a warning. The defensive, doubling down and puerile responses to posters disgust about it really lets this place down when challenged.
  3. Sure it will have been mentioned, but the goal against Aberdeen at shittodrie, left foot outside the box. Ask any body who plays football how hard that was to do.
  4. To this day, nobody knows and it's to Jock Wallace's credit and respect for the club that that is the case. Different days, and different men.
  5. Paisly Road West to the tune of No.1 Platoon. Not necessarily favourite, but favourite just now.
  6. No point being negative, all we can do is pick ourselves up and rally. Too many cunts on here wanting to give up, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I'll happily look a fool being optimistic and full of hope rather than some of the embarrassments on here already giving the taigs the title. It's football and anything can happen, no fucking surrender!
  7. That's the dream, but I'm pretty sure that the loses they've made have been slightly off set by aspartame being cheaper than sugar so fuck knows... New stuff is decent, better than new recipe and Xtra and no minging after taste. Coke has not changed anything however, and more power to them.
  8. Think I'm finally over Wednesday night, battle fever is kicking in. We shall not be mastered, show no fear, no respect and no surrender! Into the cunts!!
  9. It's the manner of the draw, agree totally it's normally an ok result but not considering how it happened. Hopefully it will galvanise us and give the players extra fire for Sunday. Half full Loyal...
  10. Heart and Hand segment on the Advocaat years is a right good listen, but paints the picture that he was an early "philosophy" manager. O'Neil built a team that didn't want to play into our hands or try and match us for footballing quality/ability and Advocaat couldn't or wouldn't adapt. With regards to Europe, I honestly think he couldn't have had worse luck at times. Drawing Parma in the Uefa cup (eventual winners) and then the group with Bayern, Valencia and PSV. Not to mention the entire Mols travesty. McLeish took us through with 7 points ffs, and a team who finished 3rd.
  11. Slightly off topic, but I would have loved Casillas to have been in goals for Porto over these games, mostly down to the fact I imagine it would mean a lot to McGregor, based on absolutely nothing...
  12. I thought he was pretty much 6ft on the dot? I dare say he must be below average in terms of top drawer keepers? Can't name any shorter at his level off the top of my head anyway.
  13. It's not hatred or anything, just remember Klos sticking by us when there was options for him and also taking the armband. Was a lot younger then so probably a blind spot there as well...
  14. An absolute favourite of mine, could never take to Waterreus and hold no fond memories of him mainly due to keeping Klos out. Childish, but that's how it is. It felt like the mistakes Klos made in 05/06 were his first ever and that McLeish showed him no loyalty in that regard. Only thing I slightly hold against McLeish, his treatment of Klos (in my eyes). Klos, Goram, McGregor. Three 'short' keepers, all unbelievable shot stoppers and game savers.
  15. Same scenario, absolute belters. Would have stock piled them along with VW camper cans and buying early shares in Google/Amazon... 2001/02 Home strip
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