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  1. It's weird. I could run a mile in about 5:20 (on the streets), but would struggle to run 5k at any speed. I guess a lot of footballers are like that, though.
  2. Was doing some bench press in my house earlier, but I had nobody to spot me. Went for one last rep, which is really the most important one, but I couldn't quite make it. So I had to let it onto my chest and roll it down my stomach. Fair to say it fucking hurt. Left with a huge red mark just above my bell button, as well as crushed balls
  3. I used to play max payne. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_Payne_2:_The_Fall_of_Max_Payne That badboy there.
  4. Could potentially reach 12 weeks, and if not treated properly, even longer. From personal experience.
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