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  1. You were slavering some shite about a wooly jumper???
  2. I don't have to expand on this. You were approved by King Jela. "Nuff said".
  3. Your argument started very well. Your second sentence seen you arguing against your first. Spectacular.
  4. 2 day shift. 2 night shift. 4 rota days. I've been working it since 1984 so I'm guessing I've got it worked out by now.
  5. I might be wrong but, and I'm going out on a limb here, I'm guessing your parents were born before the eighties? The word isn't used in everyday language. You're using it in a vain effort to support your argument. It's misplaced. ASK YOUR BROTHER.
  6. Compelling. Any chance of forwarding your own view?
  7. Would that be a problem for you? Brains.
  8. "poofy cunt"? Kind of contradictory.
  9. I am, indeed, a biter. As your mum will testify. As is she. As my cock will testify.
  10. Why don't you let Moses answer for himself son?
  11. You are my entertainment on here. I bait, you bite.
  12. Stenhousemuir True Blues by any chance?
  13. Your lack of dialect is embarrassing. Stalker.
  14. As a firefighter, I can assure you, the term fireman died out in the late eighties when females joined the fire service. Hence the term "firefighter". And, as a firefighter, I can assure you, that working four on, four off, and with the variation of Saturday/Sunday games, and early kick offs being the norm now, it is only a couple of times a season a "firefighter" has to leave early.
  15. Your grammar is awful. That's not even what you intended to say.
  16. Your answers disappoint at every turn.
  17. Shove it up your ronson lighter. My season ticket Tasers me if I leave before the final whistle.
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