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  1. Just been told at work, absolutely devastated rip Walter. Legend.
  2. The one when he snuck in behind the Ross county keeper is obviously his best. 🤣
  3. That’s the way I saw it, would be lovely to go and kill the game off and be on easy street but it’s rarely like that away from home. 3 points and away home and I’d take exactly the same next Sunday.
  4. Just got my 4th ticket so far this season in the 2nd Motherwell ballot. Had st Johnstone Dundee brondby before this.
  5. Not sure, think they’ll still do it game by game. Be handy if they did the whole lot at once but that’s too sensible 😆
  6. Aye that’s how it is with us but he’s always there if he’s not playing anyway so he’ll be with us on the bus anyway. Shambles for people who only travel with their family though.
  7. The wee man got it, he’s in silver and his first ticket through mygers, £3!
  8. Might not be that easy for Motherwell. taigs only got half the south stand.
  9. Applied for all, had 3 including brondby so far so if I don’t get all including bheasts I want a refund.
  10. Aye that makes sense as I’m in gold the rest are all silver.
  11. Aye f+f hasn’t been happening so far this season, I’m in with another 3 people and I’m the only one that’s had tickets so far this season.
  12. I got Dundee in the second ballot after getting st Johnstone.
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