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  1. I just need a decent picture. The Django one springs to mind
  2. I said to my uncle @SURRENDERNO if Gerrard stops the 10 (this was agreed after Jack winner New Years Day) then I’ll get Gerrard’s face tattood on my chest
  3. 65 points just now plus 10 wins = 95 points. Scum on 45 points with 17 left. Gives total 96. ah well maybe 11 wins. 10 if we win at park head
  4. Who gets the Eupropean places with a null and void? What happens to the prize money. Is their relegation or promotion? Can’t see null and void ever being voted in if it means the SPFL would need to refund Sky and lower the prize amounts. if they want to call it early on PPG go ahead.
  5. Yassssssss. SPFL sponsored by Carlsberg this year HAHA ya manky bastards
  6. Irish Mick is on YouTube saying goodbye to his followers coz he’s gonna kill himself.
  7. See if they’ve got a full squad out for 2 weeks I swear I’ll wank for 14 days solid thinking about Stevie G
  8. Imagine you went on holiday and knew you were coming back to raging fans, leaked photos and everycunt talking about you. This trip has done nothing for them. Wonderful.
  9. As of 13 Feb we will hit 75 per cent of matches played so if anything is gonna happen it will be before that. If we get to the 29 game stage the precedent is set. Wouldn’t put anything past the cunts to pull it before then. If we win all of January then expect a null and void
  10. It is a worry. We were absolutely atrocious in the first half, we look like we need a rest and hopefully the next 8 days gives the boys a second wind to go out and put the other hand on the trophy. We all said we’d take a shitty 1-0 OG as long as it’s 3 points so I’m fucking taking it but performances must improve if we are to see this over the line with all our fingernails.
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