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  1. Get well soon Buff. Thank goodness our squad kept COVID free when it mattered.
  2. It’s outstanding 😂😂
  3. Born a blue nose sooks willies 

    1. born a blue nose

      born a blue nose

      Please refrain from posting on my profile. 

      Utterly vile.

  4. James Arthur really did deserve to win the X factor

  5. Go into member's profile and select "Send me a message" on the right hand side.

  6. we could do with big dado back

  7. Cheers mate, I'm the same don't care about the rep system. Although I will use it if I see a good post or a REALLY bad one. Was only joking about, although it wasn't really funny. KB0007 is just moany. :P

    Will give you a couple reps when I have some back. lol

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