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  1. Khabib was outstanding. Didn’t think he was boring at all tonight and he’s normally a boring cunt
  2. It was gonna hit us at one point. Hopefully we are 10 points clear when the positive results come back. If we have too big an infection does the game not get postponed or was that just for the scum and sheep earlier in the season
  3. A.T.G


    It’s 3 points. Drop any and it will be the usual. Marathon not a sprint and fucking Yassdd
  4. Greatest Footballer of all time for Rangers : Gazza Greatest Footballer of all time (all clubs) : Cristiano Ronaldo Greatest Rock Band/Star of all time : Freddie Mercury/Queen Greatest Rapper/Rap Group of all time : Notorious BIG Greatest lyricist of all time : Eminem Greatest Movie of all time : Interstellar Greatest Actor of all time : Di Caprio Greatest Comedian of all Time : Billy Connolly
  5. They only advise against, never had a bad night on the booze with antibiotics
  6. I don’t think the scum knew. The way Bolingoli has been treated I’d imagine he’d have piped up. The only hope is when he moves he will drop them in it. I imagine he’s singed a NDA about the whole thing and gotten a sweetener
  7. Aw aye mind that. I’d go back to Munich just for that place
  8. Nah was fine for me bud
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