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  1. Exactly this. Hibs, St Johnstone both 1-0 wins. Did he play the pass for Morelos at Hibs? He has been a pivotal part of our season and is still raw. £9m is a joke offer for someone who has just helped clinch the League, played in Europe to the last 16 and is an international, compared to fucking Jeremy Pingpong who is fucking garbage. Sick of our players getting undervalued. £20m or fuck off.
  2. Don’t know what to do about this game. Watch it? Catch up on some series? Go out do some work? No really into watching pointless games against shite teams 20 odd points behind us at this stage of the season. End up being a boring 2-0 win or something with the players just having a training session. 😂😂😂 that’s for the lurkers
  3. I don’t see why they wouldn’t suspend their player until an investigation is carried out which is what any dignified club would do. 1. It shows they take racism seriously 2. It shows respect to their current black players and avoiding awkward moments at training/games etc etc 3. UEFA and football in general would have respect for them and most likely they wouldn’t be punished due to their quick action and possible acceptance of having a scumbag player. They have completely missed the point. If there was violence and aggression they would simply note it and not comment furth
  4. GK is obviously the type of guy that needs an arm around him. You get guys like that, one of your mates who you know isn’t a hard man, a big mouth, just a sound cunt who probably just gets on with everyone. I would take a guess that this is why the team and Gerrard are so furious, especially Goldson. Although it doesn’t matter what the person is like wether quiet or big mouthed etc etc you can just tell the players love him and want to protect him. I’ll be gutted if Kamara isn’t playing on Sunday because of this. He’s had a fantastic season and I genuinely hope that piece o
  5. Anyone remember ****** 5 v 0 Rangers when the league was clinched against us at scum. When they all celebrated in front of us, jumping around, laughing, Brown, Tierney, Griffiths goading us and laughing as we suffered? Think of it now, how smarmy and classless the bastards were, and how Gerrard has us fucking years ahead of them. Imagine the hurt, tears, frustration, the absolute dismay they now feel everyday as Castore are decorating Glasgow. 55 is everywhere. The media love it down south, it’s made worldwide news. The best bit is... Trophy day. The fireworks, the flares, th
  6. I was thinking the exact same thing the other night mate. 7th place wouldn’t be difficult to get to if at least us and the scum managed at least 1 good run each campaign each season. Disclaimer: Good run for they mutants is a couple draws, 1 win and finishing bottom each year as long as we carry on as normal
  7. Don’t want to go in over confident. Any team that can go to a top half English Prem team and win 2-0 have to be worthy opponents. It will be close, and if we are gonna get through it will be by 1 goal or maybe extra time and pens. However, we are more than good enough to get through so here’s hoping we play like we can and get the job done.
  8. I know this might sound totally fucked up but I realise I’ll never make love to the real Steven. if anyone knows of a look a like. He will do
  9. Spurs didn’t exactly destroy Antwerp so aye, geez Spurs
  10. Chasing our first title in 10 years. Stopping they bastards doing 10. Weeks from completing the journey from Div 3 to the top of Scottish football. They could have joined training and took out 75 per cent of our team for 2 weeks which would have probably have seen us lose points in the league. Probably out of Europe. I accept their apology but would also like to punch them in the face.
  11. There is absolutely no doubt Gerrard would leave for Liverpool just as much as any of us would leave for Rangers. He loves Liverpool the way we love Rangers. And it’s his passion for that that is winning us this league. Make no mistake
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