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  1. Cheek to boo him. If they had any morality they wouldn’t support or turn up to that club in any capacity. Keep yer boos, hides nothing of your sordid past.
  2. Aw fuck aye mind that. 😂 I’ll send it later. In fact wait, that’s illegal now. Her face is in it. Next time I’m in Barrhead I’ll swing by 😂😂
  3. I’ve no got any mate. Got one bird from last week but my Willy is there 😂 and I don’t trust ye
  4. I know but it’s early days. This much gloating makes me uneasy. Fun viewing as it may be, I’ll not be getting excited until they’re 3-1 down at Hearts.
  5. Pre season is nothing. Let’s wait and see when the real action starts. I want them dropping points immediately. What a chance we have to bury these cunts.
  6. West Ham’s ground was called The Boleyn Ground and was presumed to have been a house/land owned by Anne Boleyn or some association towards the area. Anne Boleyn…it was her fanny that allowed Henry to tell the pope to fuck off and that a catholic would never rule again. Teaming up with West Ham…pfffft If ye know yer history eh ya fucking Liam Gallacher cock sucking nonces.
  7. Can guarantee Malmö and Helsinki were gutted when they drew us. They’re about to face a team who should have made QF Europa and won the league in March. We will win on agg 22-3
  8. I’m saying fuck all till they are 25 points behind again
  9. “It’s one more fight than you ya little fanny pad” 😂😂😂
  10. Get well soon Buff. Thank goodness our squad kept COVID free when it mattered.
  11. It’s outstanding 😂😂
  12. I believe they are closer to 9th than 1st? lol
  13. Born a blue nose sooks willies 

    1. born a blue nose

      born a blue nose

      Please refrain from posting on my profile. 

      Utterly vile.

  14. James Arthur really did deserve to win the X factor

  15. Go into member's profile and select "Send me a message" on the right hand side.

  16. we could do with big dado back

  17. Cheers mate, I'm the same don't care about the rep system. Although I will use it if I see a good post or a REALLY bad one. Was only joking about, although it wasn't really funny. KB0007 is just moany. :P

    Will give you a couple reps when I have some back. lol

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