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  1. Thought Sheep were unlucky to lose. That scum team are utterly atrocious, watched them last week and this weekend for the first time in ages. Don’t see where they pose a challenge to the league at all. Sadly we are not firing at all so any slip ups keeps their hopes up, we really need to use the next 2 months to create a double digit gap, they will slip up probably 2 of the next 4
  2. Brutally beautifully brilliant?
  3. It’s no in the bag until we get our act together. When the wee Furuhashish comes back they’ll be stronger and probably would have picked up more points. We won’t get an easier opportunity to get the CL cash.
  4. You’d have been in here slagging cunts if they scored at the end 😂😂
  5. Doesn’t matter if they win. They haven’t got the quality to get to 75 points this season
  6. They’ll win and it’s annoying that they don’t deserve it. Guaranteed
  7. Clancy avoided giving Utd 2 free kicks there. He really is a cheating bastard
  8. Clear clear penalty man 😂 blatant fucking cheating.
  9. So are Livi mate but they lost there. Cunts are parking the bus and hitting them on the break.
  10. I don’t know. Next away game is Aberdeen. If they don’t win that’s all 4 away games with no wins
  11. First time I’ve watched them out with our games. They’ll probably win but unless they get a miracle, can’t see them finishing 2nd. Wide open at the back and a real lack of quality going forward. We need to get our act together and stop dropping points, if we go on a winning run it could be won by March again
  12. Dundee Utd denied a stonewaller
  13. Ps Nevada SAC destroyed his career for fuck all.
  14. Aye that’s a terrible mismatch based on Diaz performance last night. I don’t know what was going on but unless he has a trick card up his sleeve it looked like he was just there for the money.
  15. Cunts saying great fight. Honestly that was an absolute snore fest 😂 Last boxing match I watch, absolute pish.
  16. Don’t be silly, that would be one boaring thread
  17. Looking forward to Diaz Lawler 2. Can’t see Diaz doing his old tricks and Lawler not as dangerous, should be pretty even and might even go the distance. Lawler by TKO or Diaz on points
  18. Can we not have a MMA separate thread, I mean, Boxing is dead. It’s shite.
  19. He’s an absolute banger man. How many times does he need to get his act together. Fuck him.
  20. @SURRENDERNO won £700 thanks to West Ham’s last minute winner. Gon yersel ya wank 😂 Post the screenshot
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