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  1. “I feel utterly helpless, I know we can stop buying things from Celtic and I certainly plan on doing so... But I want something done right now. The club I love being ruined by these a$$holes. Honestly unbelievable. I hope we get beat by double digits on Thursday I don’t even care.”
  2. Taken from Kerrydale Street. I post this with the greatest of smiles: ”I had a difficult conversation with my 12 yo son this morning. I told him I don't think he'll be getting the Celtic away strip for Christmas and don't think we'll be renewing his season ticket either at this rate. Can't believe how far things have gone. Can't even get a stream on Premier Sports right for season ticket holders. Feckin shambolic from top to bottom.” Feed me your tears ya rat bastard
  3. Cop out. Appease himself by allowing Lennon to turn it around at the San Siro ( no laughing at the back ) Then sack him after it to make it look like the fans aren’t telling him what to do. Aye nae bother ya peedo looking bastard
  4. I’m no gonna lie. This is absolutely beautiful. Players being told to leave out a side door, media to abandon and polis hitting their fans. Absolutely fucking beautiful
  5. Can’t argue wi that mate. I’m just desperate to take the title from these bastards. I can’t enjoy it the now until Tav uses his big muscly arms and scoops me up, I mean the spl trophy up
  6. Aw this laughing making me uncomfortable. Hope they’re no the last cunts laughing at the end. Been here too many times.
  7. 950 clubs in Europe. I’d bet they are amongst the top 30 at least?
  8. Ah but how many would be moaning if we brought on subs and then lost 2 goals. “shouldn’t have changed it” imo
  9. At least we are throwing away a lead against one of the top sides in Europe instead of in the Ramsdens Cup final
  10. San Siro for them next 😂😂😂
  11. Honestly think it will be a comfortable win. 2-3 nil
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