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  1. The goalkeeper made contact- it's a 100% penalty - and our player gets booked !!!!! my fucking ass !!!!
  2. The Billyboys for me - powerful song and scares the fuck out of everyone. I have even learned my Swedish family this song- they simply love it.
  3. 2-0 to the Gers, Morelos to score both. Come on the Rangers, round of a perfect week with a perfect win.
  4. I am on the fence with this one- especially with the lad coming out with an apology to the club and fans. He is young with a huge talent and has potential to do wonders at our club- but he went and done this stupid thing. I know I did loads of stupid things when I was younger, some things I really regret - but I can not go back in time. As for the other 4 - don't really care what happens to them - but this lad, I feel so fucking sorry for, but on the other hand, he could have fucked up our club with his stupidity. Time will tell with this one - bet his parents gave him hell
  5. I have said it on many occasions - I was so happy when he came back to Rangers, he has so much talent and boy ! that was some goal he scored.
  6. Just want those bloody 3 points- but also destroy this bunch. Bad memories of these tangerine fuckers when I followed Rangers every where and I hated going to their shithole !!!!
  7. Never saw the whole game - tuned in when it was 3-2 & I thought we will get them at home and WTF !!!! Still can not believe we won 3-4 - no wonder you are all knackered watching this game- I was knackered watching the last 10 mins.
  8. Our manager will stay for next season and after we win that season - he will have 2 league titles under his belt, a few cup winner titles and who knows- a brilliant run in the Champions league. Not mentioning how far we will get in the Europe league. Then he may make the move to Liverpool- and if he does, he will make sure his ties with Rangers will never be broking and he will help us out with potential and talented players. His blood is blue now and Rangers will always stay close to his heart - lets just enjoy him, while we have him.
  9. Looking forward to this one- just get out there Rangers and do us proud.
  10. I couldn't have said it better.....
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