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  1. 3 points - away from home, terrible pitch and a snowballs in the air - well done Rangers
  2. We need that 3rd goal- or they will steal this game from us.
  3. He is brilliant !!!!
  4. Oh! I would love us to win tonight and put some pride back into this team & forget about that nightmare we had last Sunday. Even with a new manager in place, I think it's far too early to expect a big change- I just fear these words " Oh for fucks sake, no again ! " I want us to come out- play and act like Champions and win ! we will soon see.
  5. I hope he gets back to form and starts scoring the goals again- he has proved he can do it. If not, I would like to see Juan Alegria get a chance
  6. I hope we turn up for this game - a win would do us all good and maybe get us back on track.
  7. First time I have seen this interview and all I can say is " Fucking asshole ! " Get him out the door. At 3-1 down - we the Rangers should have come out fucking fighting- but with that attitude- lucky we didn't lose by more goals !!!!!
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