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  1. 🤣 They now have exactly nothing. So far behind us you'd need a satnav to find them.
  2. We could put a cardboard cut out of Shagger in our box and still keep a clean sheet. They have no idea how to beat him.
  3. They had at least 3 good chances within 8 yards. Couple of sitters amongst those. Shat it from the Champions!
  4. They did not surrender.They were taught a lesson. Zero silverware for the unwashed!!! They were beat by a Rangers team who win, win, win at home. Yet another clean sheet. Just another diddy team beat at Ibrox imo.
  5. Exactly. Always controlling the midfield. Why was he even there? In his post match interview he said that he didnt know why he was in the box and just went for it. Scores a fantastic goal for his boyhood heroes in an OF match and plays it down. Typical Davis. Modest man who puts Rangers first. Love the man!!!!
  6. Davis was immense. So proud of him. Defo my motm. Shagger's save though.... outstanding! When the pressure is on he is always there to save the day. 2nd half was mediocre. We could have risked it and pushed for more goals but didn't. At the end of the day I am a very happy Bear to end tbe taigs season trophyless with a comfortable 2 nil win ar Ibrox. Take a wee rest,enjoy the day, then back into winning our double.
  7. I know some on here think Kent and Aribo can be a bit lightweight at times but they have both been on fire today. Couldn't beleive it when Davis scored the overhead kick. Is it his first for Rangers? Fantastic! We shouldn"t hold back in the second half. I want to thrash them!
  8. I much prefer to watch on RTV. No tarriers in my living room on an Old Firm day.
  9. I am happy with the line up apart from Arfield. I like him but he hasn't had much game time lately and is not on form. Scott busts a gutt for us though and knows how to poach and slot in rebounds. He will give his all and not hide no matter what. Hope we thrash them today and ruin their season. The butterflies have started.
  10. Goldson to score first and Rangers to win 30-1 Helander to score first and Rangers to win 50-1. They lose a lot of goals from set pieces.
  11. That is a truly pathetic attempt at taking the shine off title 55. Och well, onto the double to multiply their pain...
  12. Will Henry be there? I have never seen him play in the flesh.
  13. Same. Don't normaly want associated with a terrorist supporting club that hates the kingdom they live in. The Old Firm tag noises them right up though.
  14. I always go for high odds. No point winning a tenner. 3-1 and Kent anytime at 30-1. 4-2 Morelos anytime at 60-1. For the less foolhardy us to win on penalties at 11-1 is good odds.
  15. Give a middle aged man whos team have just win 55 titles a wad of stickers and he will act like a teenager. Good on ye.
  16. We always enjoy the chase. Like a Porche being chased by a 100 year old great gran in a walking frame now though.
  17. They are crumbling as a team and club. it's just his mad nothing to lose stab at talking his players up. We could get beat tommorrow and still be the best team in Scotland. We won't though. We will win by at least 2 goals imo.
  18. When he gives interviews at Ibrox my floorboards shake. Lets disrespect them to fuck tommorrow. Fith gear all day and bury the dirty diving cunts.
  19. I will be watching on Rangers TV so will thankfully miss Stewart spouting his poisonous bile.
  20. Einsten said in in imterview that he couldn't remember saying it so there is no debate. Kent will rip them apart imo.
  21. I find the fact that they have stopped calling it the Old Firm because they lost the leauge hilarious. Are they going to copyright the term 'Glasgow Derby' too? What are they going to call it after we win the cup? Two local teams playing? Pettiest football club in history. They will never get over title 55 and the death of 10 in a row. Loving their pain.
  22. That quote was missatributed to einstein. The great man said so himself. Ironic that people keep repeating that mistake. Kent has scored against the filth and ran amock at times too so a mistake has not been repeated. The filth genuinely fear him. They use 2 or 3 players to mark Kent which leaves space for our team to take advantage of.
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