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  1. I watched the Giants highlights on YouTube if that's any help

    Rare Replay

    Good selection of games. Just unfortunate that they couldnt get any rights to Donkey Kong
  3. According to Guillem Balague its tradition to lift the trophy on the first game of the new season. Seems pretty backwards to me
  4. I seen on twitter there that the trophy isn't even getting presented tonight.
  5. Fuck you Boruc McGregor shagged yer wife
  6. Will be the exact same game as cod 4. Like all the call of duty games are.
  7. Was brought up to support the team to the very end. Win lose or draw.


    Skyrim is a fantastic game I really enjoyed it. Up there with the best!
  9. I Heard that the going rate for commercials was something along the lines of £4m for 30 seconds. Astonishing.
  10. Haha my bad. I have no excuse for my daftness
  11. 35 Years according to this twitter https://twitter.com/santistebang/status/424246744461737984
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