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  1. £150,000 a week, yet can't seem to pay for a taxi (chauffeur). Meanwhile, putting the lives of innocent people at risk. Throw the book at him!
  2. Best view in the house. Unless you're deaf, the atmosphere on a European night could be heard from a mile away. I'm not 12. Therefore, I don't want people jumping up and down in front of me the whole game (unless it's each time we score). Not that I'm knocking those that do, but that's what the Broomloan is for.
  3. Morelos is pish. Cummings is better. 8 million Combined they are worth about 3. Honking players. Both greedy bastards - the worst kind of players to have in the team.
  4. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-5731511/Former-Bolton-Aston-Villa-England-U21-defender-Jlloyd-Samuel-dead-37-following-car-crash.html It gets worse. Much worse
  5. On the way home from dropping his kids off at school Shite man, having to grow up without a Dad. Rest in peace.
  6. Yes. If he'd passed to Dodoo. However, he didn't. Therefore, no.
  7. He's our best central defender, but he's pish. Says it all really. Never good enough to play for Rangers. I'd really hope that we have a far better standard of defender for the beginning of next season.
  8. Club's fault - he's well within his right.
  9. I don't think you understand English. Of course it's made up, or else there'd be a quote. The guy is the most wasteful player I've ever seen at the club and single handedly lost us the last Old Firm. Certified shite bag.
  10. And you are? Glad to see you know how to check somebody's profile. First, not posting doesn't mean you can't read. Second, some people have a life outside of the internet - not everybody's life revolves around four walls and a computer. Third, fuck off. The fact that you've tried to create some form of tit for tat really says it all. Sayonara.
  11. He won't be. If you watch him, he's not actually very good. Scores 1 for every 10 that he misses. He'll be gone in the summer if any half decent bid comes in, which it probably won't.
  12. People suggesting that he's not a very good player, especially given the quality of the league. We practically gave away Waghorn and Garner, both of whom have been very good for a bang average Championship club.
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