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  1. Newcastle do not have a CEO, you are of course right. They have a managing director and a director of football, similar to Ali Russell (COO) and Gordon Smith (DOF) under Whyte. However, Ashley runs both Sports Direct and Newcastle United on a daily basis.
  2. That doesn't address the other points I made. Look, Ashley may turn out to be alright, and if he does buy us he might make it work. But I have reservations simply because of the way he's handled situations at Newcastle United. He's also fiercely private which won't suit some peoples attitude on here, where they want the CEO to be more like a press officer hell bent on attacking the SPFL/SFA/Celtic. Given the choice, I'd rather King had a shot.
  3. They're a laughing stock of English football, the horrible attempts to rebrand St James' Park, the farcical appointment of Joe Kinnear, the relegation, handing Pardew an eight year contract, getting rid of Derek Llambias despite him being only on circa 200k p/a, the constant managerial merry-go-round before Pardew... He almost looked like he had turned it round when he took them to fifth place, but last season they weren't a kick in the arse off relegation again. Newcastle fans despise him.
  4. You won't find me toeing any party line, you will find me calling things as I see it though. In any case, I'd much prefer Dave King to Ashley. Ashley has made a colossal arse of running Newcastle, and at least Dave King knows what we're all about.
  5. Whereas you haven't given us anything at all As per though..
  6. I've just given it above. Care to do the same? As they say, the floor is yours..................
  7. Charles Green 'engineered a boycott' Did he aye? Probably after he read the threads about it on FF and Ahmad read the ones on RM right enough. In any case, no. No one likes us, but we don't care.
  8. Sad to see the personal attacks instead of actually debating the blog, but it's to be expected on here perhaps. It's a relief that Mather isn't earning anything like £500k, as many of us suspected in the first place. McMurdo really needs to be careful with what Ahmad and Green tell him. It seemed extremely unlikely that Mather would earn this sum. We now are back to the days of a few months ago where bloggers are pushing agendas, but I wouldn't be surprised to see this fad quickly pass. There are bigger and more serious men starting to look at buying Rangers than Charles Green and Imran Ahmad.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-01C2xZrKOY
  10. And to help us get in the mood for it all, let's have some classic videos posted in here. I'll kick off with this beauty:
  11. Very strong rumours doing the round that Sunderland have accepted a £2.5m bid for James McClean. Hope this is true, he'll command a huge wage and he's fucking pish.
  12. They're not preventing them from being employed, that's why we've employed them.
  13. So assuming we play the 4-1-3-2 formation we've been playing all pre-season, without trialists our strongest XI will probably be: Gallacher Hegarty Faure Cribari Wallace McAusland MacLeod Black Aird McCulloch Little
  14. I'm expecting the League One title, the Ramsdens Cup and at least a semi-final in one of the other two. I'm also expecting us to continue to develop some of the other players.
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