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  1. They underestimated the standard of the game up here when they brought the journeymen in.
  2. This super coach/ blogger/ expert Michael Beale..I wonder what he sees and whT his input to it is.
  3. We did forst encounter Barisic with a bandage around his head. Seems to be par for the course with him.
  4. Maybe there was another reason he was dropped and the tiredness thing was allowing him to save face. In any case he should be able to bounce back if he is good enough. Today he was poor
  5. He forgot he lost the ball against Maribor the other night.
  6. We hear how hard the sessions are every year... hope they are productive this year.
  7. He will come back for Aberdeen or Hibs and score a barrel load out of spite.
  8. He will need to be here on Saturday afternoon at least.
  9. Grand Orange Lodge of England has its HQ in Liverpool. Through those connections and the large number of Merseyside Lodges, they ensure that the taig doesn’t go unchecked. Big interest in us in that community.
  10. investment,investment, board this board that...we have more money than anyone apart from the taigs..we shouldnt be struggling against anyone else...we just need people who know what they are doing football wise.
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