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  1. Were we not up in arms a year or so back about a bear in here getting ripped off for appearance money when Goram didnt show for a paid function then couldnt be contacted. Seemed after that a lot of stories came out of similar ilk.Pretty sure he was getting slated in here.
  2. We should have had everyone in fit and ready for game 1. There was no excuses for Hamilton or Motherwell.
  3. Sadly Warbs is being found out. He picks the team the transfers and the targets. I feel that most other teams have been up for it earlier than us this season..we are still talking about geling and getting people in.
  4. We cannot drop points in succesaive home games to the likes oF Hamilton and Motherwell..not with our resources.
  5. Clueless and ponderous in the final 3rd needs working on.
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