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  1. HATER'S OF OUR CLUB HOPE EVERY BEAR REMEMBER'S THESE B@ST@RD'S AND NEVER FORGET WHAT THEY TRIED TO DO I B.B.C. Diarmud O'Hara Mark Daley James Cook Chris McGlaughlin Jim Delahunt Richard Gordon Billy Dodds Chic Young Aasman Mir NEWSPAPER JOURNALIST'S (well that's what they say they are) Hugh Keevins Mark Gudi Tom English Brian McNally Glen Gibbons BLOGGERS Phil (ma wee lassie's no stopped greetin yet) Mac Threenames Graham(britany)Spier's Alex(av'e no got a scooby whit's going on) Thomson Matt MaGlone Paul Brennan Tony McKelvie Mike Small ORGANIZATION'S S.F.A. Stewart Regan Peter(snake-eyes)Lawwell Eric Riley Vincent(should have went to specsavers)lunny Rod Petrie S.P.L. Eric Riley(again) Stephen(GIE'S YER MONEY)Thompson Steve brown F.A.R.E Piara Power SCUM F.C.S.C. Joe O;Rourke POLITICIANS Cliona Manahan Thomas Pringle(sw donegal) Joe McHugh(ne donegal) Jim Devine George Galloway Ian McGill CATHOLIC CHURCH Peter Kearney well come to think about it every friken one off them OH AND POPCORN TEETH#
  2. This was the man that ruled, the famine song racist ( silly old fool)
  3. I know they are a lot of gerard morans out there, its the company he works for that concerns me, because that company has done work for craig whyte before albeit not the irish one but the one in London.
  4. there is a gerard moran who is snr manager with a company called pricewaterhouse coopers accountings firm in the Ireland.I wonder if he;s got anything to do with this.
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