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  1. With Rangers already having such a big squad I was expecting 4 or 5 shrewd signings that would go right into the team and improve it. We've made 7 already and I don't believe its been improved any more than the standard the team was at last season. The fact most of us are all hoping for 3 or 4 more signings tells its own story. People at the club said they don't expect a busy summer yet its looking like another huge overhaul.

    Might still be enough to win the league because think we were the best team in the country in the latter part of last season. A quality centre forward and a left back is a must, though.

  2. In the few games Morelos has played so far he really hasn't done much which is disappointing given his goal scoring record.

    To be fair, when he was subbed on yesterday the opposition had brought off a midfielder and added another defender so he wouldn't have had much space.

  3. The most humiliating season has to be when we finished 3rd in the Championship with a budget that was probably higher than all the other teams combined. 

    Raith Rovers also put us out of the Scottish Cup at Ibrox which was a disgrace.

    The current league campaign has been poor but it's been nowhere near as bad as that.

  4. 2 hours ago, The Beast said:

    "The Dons"


    Apologies for referring to them by their nickname for quickness.

    Didn't realise we were supposed to care about them enough for that to be an issue.

  5. For the Dons it's important for them to get a bye into the 2nd round because the banana skin potential is worse for them.

    From a Rangers perspective though, it's different. It's been way too long since we played in these games so I'm more than happy for Rangers to play in the first round. I'm sure we'll get through and I'll certainly be attending as many Euro games as I can.

  6. I was criticised on here by fellow fans because I said Toral didn't deserve a start. What did he do today, apart from constantly pass the ball to the opposition?


    But my main concern is Caixinha. Rangers have been embarrassingly awful since he took charge. I really want to support him because if he does well we do well but it's not going to happen. 

  7. 4 minutes ago, Lloyd72 said:

    is shite with the ball at his feet but if you give him it in the air he's brilliant. So why the fuck did we buy him for a team that never crossed and only played with the ball on the ground

    It's a great question. He's been much better with Caixinha in charge. Probably the only positive so far.

  8. 4 minutes ago, Jack The Flipper said:

    Why so much hate for Toral all of a sudden?

    Is it just that rumour going about that he faked injury so he didn't have to play?

    If it is just that I would hope our fans weren't that easily swayed by a rumour.

    If I'm wrong then I apologise for the rash assessment - no I'm not a doctor - but I have just had bacon... mmmmmmmmm bacon.

    I think that rumour is nonsense.

    But other than one good game (if memory serves it was the 6-0 game against Hamilton at Ibrox) he's been poor. I'm not Halliday's biggest fan but I think he'd be better in midfield today than Toral.

  9. As much of a Rangers fan I am, if I have the choice of playing in the lower leagues or a big money move down south or abroad, I'm offski. Can you blame anyone for leaving? The only disappointing thing was the lack of transfer fee's

    I'm glad a lot of the high earners left actually, because we lost £14m with fairly low earners such as Kevin Kyle and Dean Shiels. It would have been £30m+ had we kept the same squad! 

    In regards to Rangers signing Lafferty, it probably won't happen but one things for sure, we need much better players than the current squad.

  10. The manager deserves time to get the side winning on a regular basis.

    But if he loses his job after too many poor results there's no better replacement than the guy who cleaned up Le Guen's shambles.

    Failing that, McLeish would be a good shout.

  11. I for one never once questioned Walter's style of football. Okay, it wasn't the best entertainment but in the eleven full season's he managed Rangers he won the league 10 times!.... That's an incredible achievement.

    If he took the Rangers job tomorrow I'd be absolutely delighted.

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