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  1. His power is very good. Take Lopez for instance, Victor Ortiz hit Lopez with everything he had and couldn't budge him. Couple of months later, Canelo slapped him around the ring like a man beating his wife. For me, that's an indication of the power difference between Victor Ortiz, who is touted as one of the biggest hitters at 147 & Canelo. The only fighter who Floyd has faced that is a bigger hitter is maybe Mosley who hurt him in round 2, but he was well past it. Chop-chop was ab ig hitter but that was 140, this is 154. Canelo is pretty fast, not as fast as Floyd but still has dece
  2. Alvarez won't, he believes he's a boxing purist. He boxed very well vs Trout but alot of defensive stuff & head movement that he done was just for show. A bit like a footballer doing pointless step-overs. I was convinced if the fight happened that Alvarez would knock Floyd out. His power is outstanding at 154 and he has the skills to get the shots home & cut off the ring (nearly all his opponents have resorted to running). The catchweight however is making me hesitant to pick Canelo. He had a catchweight of 150 for Matthew Hatton and couldn't get down below 151.5 and that was abo
  3. Well you just gotta go with the best fights around at the time. I tend to think that time & nostaligia add a little to how we see old fights. Take Kirkland/angulo and Rios/Alvarado I for instance, right now you might not be thinking thats on a par with Castillo vs Corrales or Gatti-Ward, but in 10 years we might htink 'damn i wish we had more fights like Rios-Alvarado'. 1 thing about Marquez though, is it sucks the guy only has a few fights left. His wars over the years have been something special. Barrera, Katsidis, Pacman etc...
  4. i watched that about 2 weeks ago on youtube funnily enough. Ref kinda lost control at the JMM knockdown, he didn't count Marquez because he didnt really think it would be fair after the late punch. Stupid for Barrera, what woul have been an 10-8 in his favour ended up a 10-8 against him... that's a 4 point swing! disagree about Floyd though, if Floyd caught Marquez at the lower weights it would have been closer than the fight they did have, but Floyds too rangey for Marquez who likes to counterpunch. Stylistically, it's an ightmare for him. Floyd pot-shots him on the outside forcing Marque
  5. Floyd cares about his reputation, his '0' and money. He's given alot of pretty defensive and aggressive interviews over the last few years when questioned about his 'legacy' and the Pacquaio non-fight. How you rank the above 3 in terms of importance to him, his rep probably comes 3rd. Money and his '0' are probably on a par, he weighs them up... he walked away from about $100m instead of fighting Pacquiao, looks like his 0 is worth that i guess. There's been alot of rumours that the PPV numbers for Guerrero bombed and Showtime made a hefty loss on the promotion. Guerrero was pretty much unhe
  6. nah he's not said anything official other than his short statement that he chose Alvarez. If Alvarez shows up on the scale before the fight at 153 it will be interesting to see what Floyd does. Cancel the fight after showtime, Mayweather Promotions & Goldenboy have spent millions putting on the fight? And after probably 1m + PPV's have been sold and about 4 or 5 episodes of 24/7 have been filmed and aired? All for the sake of 1 pound or a pound and a half.... i think Floyd would be backed into a corner and just have to accept the financial penalty, he would look like the biggest bitch
  7. he couldn't make 150lb for a catchweight vs Matty Hatton 3 years or so ago, so 152 i think will be a struggle for him. He looked dry as hell vs Trout at the weigh-in. Hopefully he's not having to cut into and starve off lean muscle. In that case the fight could turn farcical if Canelo shows up looking like DeLaHoya did for Pacquaio. I'd rather Canelo just gets to maybe 153.5 lb and pays a financial penalty for the extra weight... after all, thats the stunt Floyd pulled against Marquez.
  8. Floyd is a goddamn hyprocite, he was shouting to the rooftops about Cotto being "unbeaten" because the Pac-Cotto catchweight didn't count. I hope he gets KTFO by a drained Canelo.
  9. You do know Cinco de Mayo is Spanish for 5th of May? This fight is 14th September, it's the weekend of the Mexican independence day which is on the 16th. Personally i don't think it will beat Oscar v Floyd in PPV numbers.
  10. the punch stats is just someone pressing a button, watch the first round again and tell me how anyone came up with 1 jab for Kessler.
  11. maybe you should watch again on mute as to not be influenced by bias commentary and the crwod screaming everytime Froch hit gloves or threw a 360-degree windmill hook. And Sky Sports punch stats, round 1; Froch landed 16 jabs and Kessler landed 1..... who was operating the punch stat computer, Froch's maw?
  12. good fight, i gave it a draw. plenty of close rounds though, most of which i gave to Kessler, his work was nicer, his defence flashier and his combos more accurate. Froch is incredibly slow and crude at times. Adelaide Byrd is a horror-show, 10 rounds to 2 in favour of Froch.... come off it pal
  13. indeed, Froch got lucky vs Taylor, lost to Dirrell, lost to Kessler, outboxed the smaller Abraham who's really a middleweight, look poor vs an ancient Johnson, looked as slow against the physically stronger Ward, beat an overhyped Bute who had practically been KO'd by Andrade then took some televised sparring against Mack. I'm being rather harsh ofcourse, but the point is Froch is believing his own hype. He's not in the class of a prime Kessler, and not close to Calzaghe, if he beats Kessler tomorrow then it will likely either be a hometown decision or he's simply less shopworn. I still fancy
  14. Got my money on Kessler @ 9/4. C'mon you VIKING WARRIOR, he's better than Froch.
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