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  1. His power is very good. Take Lopez for instance, Victor Ortiz hit Lopez with everything he had and couldn't budge him. Couple of months later, Canelo slapped him around the ring like a man beating his wife. For me, that's an indication of the power difference between Victor Ortiz, who is touted as one of the biggest hitters at 147 & Canelo. The only fighter who Floyd has faced that is a bigger hitter is maybe Mosley who hurt him in round 2, but he was well past it. Chop-chop was ab ig hitter but that was 140, this is 154. Canelo is pretty fast, not as fast as Floyd but still has decent hand speed, and is a pretty heavy-handed combo puncher. imo there's a couple ways to beat Floyd. Castillo beat him, and a rangey outside fighter is probably the best suited to the job, in a boring fight. Paul Williams for example, at 147, if he opted to just jab and move, could outpoint him. Canelo & Pacquiao is the other way, they are both technically inferior, but explosive enough to stop anyone in their weight classes. I think Canelo needs a big punch, he's good enough to find it, like i say though, the catchweight is a curveball if Canelo looks fucked.
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