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  1. This thread was a huge let down. I only got mentioned a couple of times and I had to wait until page 12 to see a happy person about this (godfather, shocker!). I expected all sorts of insults about the greatest manager of all time. Arise Sir David Moyes!
  2. Your idea of interesting and everyone elses probably differ a great deal.
  3. Not sure what this thread is about but cheers anyway Casey me old mate
  4. Just popped on to say Falcao and Van Persie up front
  5. Another thread dedicated to me. Happy days! Don't you boys worry. I've had a weekend away. I'm still here.
  6. Fucking hell you keeping track of me?What is your point. It's not exactly a secret that I love united.
  7. Fair play to them. It's not like they need the facilities for their champions league campaign. In fact they are that busy with concentrating on doing the Harlem shake, they probably don't need to train at all.
  8. It's a reall over kill knee jerk reaction, although they look fucked in the CL too.
  9. You should leave the jokes to funny people, cunt!
  10. Maybe the whole of la liga is on the slide? We have a very real possibility that no Spanish teams will be in the last 8 of the CL.
  11. Can we even argue anymore about who is better between Ronaldo and Messi. Ronaldo is clearly a much better big game player.
  12. Ronaldo has never hid his love for united or Ferguson. He had his most successful time there. Madrid are clearly interested in bale and have the money. I don't think both players would play in the same team. If anything this is a likely scenario.
  13. Half an hour, two bites, job done. In all seriousness. It's not that far fetched.
  14. Bale to Madrid, ronaldo to man united. Fact!
  15. Why do certain individuals try to change history to suit themselves? It's a load of bollocks that the dens park incident got less coverage. It was everywhere at the time.
  16. Im trying to read between the lines and could be wrong but are you suggesting he doesn't give a Fuck?
  17. Don't forget it's a small stadium so no doubt almost everything will be picked up on TV. It was always the same when we played in the cup away from home. In fact if you watch an FA cup game involving and EPL side traveling to a league 2 or non league team you can hear everything then too. I don't disagree that something seems a wee bit fishy and as usual certain people are looking for a story but we need to try not give them a story. It's obvious now that we will get hammered every time something like this happens so we need to try and avoid it at all costs.
  18. I'm not saying that at times the media in Scotland does seem to hammer us, however the points you are making simply aren't true. It wasn't quickly forgotten it was breaking news on SSN, I don't think yesterdays signing was. I can understand peoples frustration but you can't just change things to make it sound better for us or worse for them. Deal in facts! The fact is they had fans that acted like cunts, it did get reported and was all over the press, why say it wasn't?
  19. The arseholes at Dens park was breaking news on SSN at the time. I don't listen to any of the radio phone ins but I'm sure it was on there too.
  20. What attention so far has yesterdays signing been given? It's made the papers, so did the incident thermo posted did it not?
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