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  1. As posted elsewhere, I'll be in attendance.
  2. 2 hits in it. I hit you and you hit the floor :D

  3. You stay out mines then :D

  4. By the way, on the subject of tactics. Small pitch, both in length and width, why the fuck are we bringing every single player back for corners? This just invites teams onto us and our quickest players are negated inside the box and not in a position to break away.
  5. Sorry, I meant off the pitch, he has led us through these dark times remarkabely well.
  6. Eh? We were hoofing the ball from the word go? as we always do. Only on a few occasions did we try passing through them. We rarely do it at Ibrox when teams camp in even more, but always away from home.
  7. I love long ball football against utter dross personally
  8. Super's a legend and a leader, but he ain't no manager. Just a poor Walter clone.
  9. The filming etc... none, but from what I read, it's section 60s which are being given in which case the police have the right to search etc.... Cunts.
  10. Every Rangers fan coming out the train station have been filmed, had their details taken and asked for I.D. Not sure if they have been searched too. Ridiculous.
  11. "We should not sing TBB at all" Can't believe that is A - an option and B- has been voted for 15 times
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