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  1. That was a tournament, not WL!
  2. That 14 year old is 450-0 in WL now
  3. Aye let's laugh at a guy plying his trade in The Championship... Odd thread
  4. Few days after a (likely) tough European game. Not the worst time to have a weekend off.
  5. Not really buying this whole 'they couldn't afford him' chat. Simple fact is binning Duffy and Lennon alone would free up around 70k a week probably. That alone is most of his potential wages paid for. It would require a bit of pushing out the boat but its doable. There's also little doubt they'll sell quite a few other of their useless squad players which will free up wages - players they don't really need to replace. Whether he would want to go there though is a different matter. But then again he was willing to manage in China so prestige of club/league clearly isn't high up
  6. Not even joking, but I'm fairly confident Barkas is the worst keeper I've ever seen play at a reasonable level. Guy literally hasn't made a decent save since he joined.
  7. If you factor in their cup win (which they didn't win in 90 mins or ET) they have won 6 in 21 games
  8. Not annoyed but a bit frustrating. Livi away is arguably their 3rd hardest game of the season. The selection makes the game a cakewalk.
  9. Because snow isn't enough to make these pitches unplayable once its cleared away. Not everything is a conspiracy btw...
  10. Is he? Good player, probably. He isn't a cracking player though.
  11. Off the boil for weeks now. And if our performances don't improve there will be more dropped points ahead.
  12. One of the worst performances I've seen from a rangers player in a while
  13. For a team who puts in 30 crosses a game its baffling he doesn't see more game time
  14. Cant fucking stand Kent's outside of the boot passes. Misplaces a ridiculous amount of them.
  15. Get pelters on here when you say the league isn't over 😂 Whole attitude by some is a bit odd.
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