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  1. Very odd. Airfield is abysmal every time he steps onto the park atm yet still got on ahead of Wright.
  2. Can't quite understand why we aren't seeing more of Wright?
  3. The wizard emoji Guy hasn't had a good game since about 2016 and doesn't even start for them.
  4. Used to have an okay dig on him. But that's gone and there is nothing to him.
  5. Christie is genuinely an abysmal footballer
  6. Can't believe what I am seeing. Absolutely no quality on the ball.
  7. You love a dramatic post but can't really disagree with this. We have been abysmal so far.
  8. Battered last game before the sending off and battered again so far today. Wake the fuck up.
  9. No idea how Laxalt had so much space there. Same thing happened on Thursday and it cost us.
  10. Exactly. Someone being racially abused with a 3rd party witness is surely enough grounds for something something to happen to him/the club. Zungu hearing it changes the situation completely compared to just Kamara alone.
  11. Well drilled side but that's it. They have barely done anything over the 2 legs. Unfortunately we have done less.
  12. Phenomenal season, but wow, what a pair of poor performances this has been. Immensely disappointing.
  13. He's a massive miss tbh Zero dynamism on our right hand side and it's killing us.
  14. They are absolutely not all over us. Commentators are acting like we are being outclassed which is odd.
  15. They have done nothing going forward. Nowhere near as good as some seem to think they are.
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