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  1. Sports wages have been increasing since professional sports began. Why would that suddenly change for it to burst?
  2. Obviously too early to judge him as a player but he isn't doing himself any favours with what he does on the pitch in the limited time he gets.
  3. Nah not disagreeing with any of that. Just highlighting the decent pedigree they have.
  4. Tbf literally 13 months ago they were in the CL semis which is decent going.
  5. His main ability is holding onto the ball in tight situations and keeping possession which he is superb at. Don't see defence splitting passing as being Kamara's main attribute, that's what I'm saying. And that's what we are undeniably missing.
  6. Aye. We lack passing ability in the midfield. As good as Kamara is, passing really isn't his best attribute. Then you have Davis and Lundstram who prefer to keep it simple.
  7. Sakala does himself no favours with how shite he is when he comes on
  8. Decent first half, abysmal second. Disappointing as fuck. We are stale as hell and it's worrying.
  9. What the actual fuck is up with these commentators? Acting like we've been abysmal? Baffling
  10. They are fucking idiots. There's nothing in this game bar a world class goal.
  11. I assume the main headline mentions celtic? The bit that's cut off.
  12. One player has potentially had his career severely affected and will no doubt miss a full season and the other was wrongly sent off and will miss a few games...
  13. Won 2 cups last season playing this way. How is that embarrassing?
  14. Anyone know our record for games after old firm matches? @Rangers_no1
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