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  1. Hey there fellas, we finally sealed the deal today, 6 hours ago - against the federation, the media, and the match fixing cunts, literally the whole goddamn country. they trashed the whole city after the game, still didn't matter, we did raise that cup in there although they tried eveything to stop us.. [they cut the power off so it was all dark the whole time after the game, left 500 of their mentally disturbed fans inside, just to swear and throw shit at us.. after the final whistle, we had to wait for 3 hours to raise our trophy] almost felt like ; [just so you know, we normally won
  2. hey there friends, we won the Besiktas derby tonight by a late late winner (our 3rd goal came @ 90+3) and we're really close to the title now, 9 points ahead of the cheaters and 14 ahead of Besiktas. the choreography before the game was really good (almost felt like William Wallace was there ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPhhT8m0Agc hope u like
  3. Everybody, I thought i'd post these here, they're from way down south but still sincere enough. Just so you know some of them are translated, the original thread is here. It's currently a sticky thread in one of the biggest Galatasaray forums. here are some quotes from the fans ; i'll try to get this one updated, posted a few now and will be posting more in the next minutes, and i hope they'll make you feel a little better. I believe the Rangers will go thru this, the club has the roots necessary. All the best.
  4. i got many things to say, but i ain't gonna waste my time for someone at your mental level. please just go visit a celtic forum and jerk off in there if you're so interested in Scottish footy forums.
  5. it's not worth replying to you... go to a mental hospital.
  6. how low can you get ? Your club are a cheating joke, nothing else. Your fans still trying to give your MOB BOSS president their full support. You're responsible for all the bad things in the Turkish game. If nothing else, because of you the Turkish league is on the verge of a 5 years ban. And you still have the guts to defend yourselves. You're such a fucking disgrace.. and the indictment is not objective ??? can you please fuck off ? you will go down.. if you don't, i ain't gonna watch this digsusting league. no one is. you keep swimming in your dirty pool.
  7. I believe we'd become a top side in the EPL in just 4 or 5 years, the club is big enough. Just show me the money.
  8. they're going down mate, they've become real vicious these days the UEFA even threatened the Turkish F.A., some of them are even willing to face a 5 year ban from the European competitions and the press is giving their full support. such a redundant club they are...
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