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  1. Great signing, Great player, Great goal. Can't wait to see him play!
  2. Here are some watercolour graphics also a couple of text ones i made, just thought i'd post them on here to get some feedback. If you have any requests ask me on twitter- LukeBarclay_ Thanks in advance.
  3. Also follow me on twitter if you have any requests. @LukeBarclay_ Thanks
  4. Ally is saying 'look at that ginger bastard lennon'
  5. Meant to be happening after Wednesday. After the SPL meeting.
  6. Malcolm Murray or Charles Green have apparently cancelled the meeting with John Brown an co. that was was meant to happen today.
  7. Lost count the amount of times my dad has said this to me. I wasnt alive when he was playing unfortunatley.
  8. I would go for Nacho Novo myself, hates the scum and always scored against them, he was just meant for Rangers. WATP
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