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  1. Judge gives gardaĆ­ more time in Stokes threat case By Tom Tuite Saturday, June 25, 2011 A JUDGE has given gardaĆ­ more time to get directions from the Department of Public Prosecution in the case of a Dublin publican accused of threatening another to stop trading. John Stokes, aged 54, who runs the Players Lounge pub in Fairview and is the father of Celtic striker Anthony Stokes, made his second court appearance yesterday. Stokes, along with co-defendants Alan Ryan, aged 30, of Donaghmede; Daryl Mulcahy, aged 20, of Matt Talbot Court; and Derek Nolan, aged 29, of Baldoyle, were charged last m
  2. some more titbits just to clarify http://www.rte.ie/news/2011/1130/darcyd.html
  3. You want I will smell you right away timpthy and block you to kingdom come
  4. Right lads I want to post this on a social media that I know is 100% Rangers minded so go over to twitter @lordtrevelyan and you will find the big reveal plus more info on the on going court case that the scottish media dosnt want you to know about SEE YA
  5. not childish when they are true timothy i tends to call a spade a spade
  6. on finding the real IRA training camp Detective Superintendent Peter Maguire, of the Special Detective Unit, told prosecuting counsel Edward Comyn SC that a joint operation by detectives from the Crime and Security Branch and the Special Detective Unit was mounted at a farm in Co Louth and a field at Stamullen in Co Meath. At Stamullen, members of the Special Detective Unit saw ten people moving towards a mound of earth which was the entrance to a disused wine cellar. Two of the men were seen to go to a hide where they removed a piece of piping which was used to store weapons. One man was s
  7. Nobody asked you to make a comment on here yet you have made several hmmmmmmmmmm Mee thinks the timmy doth protest too much
  8. As I said guys Marco negris beard 100% 24 carot pure Timothy white FFS whos the mods on this board The pic was taken at a court appearance the 2 are charged together they were odered to go its not as if a player doing a nice thing and posing with some random they have just meet do you think I would waist your lots time if it was.
  9. Timothy this marco negra beards guy reeks of it I thought I was on a Rangers board ooooooft
  10. all I have said is aprt from the wrestling stuff is 100% true yeah I know the wrestling stuff is more plausable but this all has a direct link to a Celtic first team player. As does this The hit-woman has been arrested in relation to the cold blooded murder of father of two young children David Darcy. Two weeks ago the woman is alleged to have murdered Mr Darcy on direct orders of the CIRA leadership. Mr Darcy was ambushed outside his home in Dublin on the 28 November 2011 on the direct orders of the CIRA leadership; at 6.50am Mr Darcy was pulling out of the drive of his home when the hit-wom
  11. I shit you not news just in. The cunt on the left has made alot of enemys look at his face a right cold blooded reptile bastard.so has the guy on the left for that matter.
  12. I might have to post the pic up the night he might not be available for his next court hearing the way things are going.
  13. I was gonna string this out a bit longer but news has just come to me that the guy on the right and his brother are supposed to be "executed at any cost" according to the leadership of the Continuity IRA a contract has been put out on the two brothers according to senior sources within the CIRA. The information comes as a hit-woman is arrested by Gardai.
  14. The guy on the lefts ring entrance music is only joking its this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnuMttZ-R30 aye right theres another clue for you
  15. the guy on the right was jailed by the Special Criminal Court in Dublin for taking part in a Real IRA underground training camp in Co Meath along with 5 other men. All pleaded guilty to training other persons in the use of firearms at Herbertstown, Stamullen, Co Meath. The guy on the right since he was already out on bail for a fire arm offence he was given an extra year inprisonment.
  16. who did you think notified the guy with the blog about them that led to them being posted in the bearsden? Wind yer neck back in thats twice you have piped up about to things that I had known about before they where in the bearsden and I had influence in them being posted. FFS
  17. You find a pic with a Real IRA man that will be embarrasing to celtic is a load of pish? Thats your look out.
  18. This is not a fan pic this was taken by I take it a professional Photographer at a meeting both where ordered to attend for matters regaurding both of them by a 3rd party
  19. No and its not at a social meeting will a its a social meeting of sorts but not a CSC function.
  20. Guess the Identity of the mystery man with the convicted Real IRA man
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