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  1. This is from Wikipedia - "Sarver was bullied as a child by local Catholic Irish immigrants and made a vow that one day he would gain his revenge on those who bullied him, his future purchase of Phoenix Suns was partly for this reason as their uniforms were predominantly orange, the colour of the scourge of the Irish Catholic, King William III."
  2. "I didn't say that, Goat, though, did I. If I do want to say it I will." It's certainly what people are entitled to think reading your post. It's a sad stance to take though. I would guess that most people would rather come on here to discuss rangers rather than to hear the same old shit and accusations. It is after all a forum to discuss RFC. ally's performance as manager is surely worthy of discussion, is it not?
  3. I've been in the US for a long time now. Used to make every effort to listen to games or watch on internet. Before that I would even phone home and have them sit the radio next to the phone so I could hear the games. Now I can't be arsed with any of it. My love is still strong but the football just got so shit and has shown no signs of improvement. Actually it's got worse. Nothing to do with standard of player, just the way we play. No clue whatsoever and no sense that we have any direction. No doubt about it, Ally as manager is holding us back. I honestly feel that it could really, really hurt us longer term. Frightening just thinking about it, but I believe he's contributing to a massive decline at Rangers with effects that could last for years. Football has changed and you need tactics and the ability to possess the ball with purpose to succeed. At best ally has no clue how to implement either, at worst he doesn't believe in either. We don't have the finance to fling about but that's all he talks about. Money won't change anything though, not with him in charge. That's obvious. Only thing he'll do is waste what precious pounds we have and the rebuilding when he's gone (cos he will be gone, of that there is no doubt. Even his supporters know he's got till SPL at most) will be costly and could be beyond us. Why keep him past this year? Let's get someone in who can coach and start the building. The really worrying thing is that those dirty bastards on the other side are eyeing 10. No way they'd get it with a good manager but if ally is in charge until we get to SPL, which is what some are saying, I'm one worried bear.
  4. I was at that game and the "waddel waddel get to fuck" was unbelievable and I still remember it. Don't remember the game at all but the atmosphere was amazing. The place was raging. Funny to see it again, thanks for posting.
  5. Just NO on so many levels. Cant even be bothered to go into it.
  6. Great OP. Shame that right now we have a number of supporters who don't really understand he game and can't see the blatant facts about our management team and the lack of progress that has occurred this season. It's not about loyalty, it's about moving our club forward stupid.
  7. both these statements are spot on. I'm still amazed at the amount of backing AM still has. I honestly feel that to stick with him is just hurting the club and if we dont make a change at the end of the season this great club could be in a lot of shit. My biggest fear is CG gambles what money we have and we give AM a transfer budget.
  8. We just drew with Stiring Albion. We have a budget at least 100 times what they have and we play the same type of football they do; shit. The bottom line is that Ally does not have it. If you think he does you're just living on tradition and his past glories. There is absolutley nothing to suggest he has the abilty as a manager to take this club to the higher echelons and we have given him enough time, forget about the circumstances. Stop making excuses for him, wake up and smell the coffee. You are only hurting the club by sticking up for him and if you have something that says otherwise, let's hear it. That's right, let's hear it. Outline exactly what you have been impressed with over the past few seasons as a coach/manager. None of your shit about how we owe him and he'll get it right. Tell us why he deserves to lead us into the future and what he has does that gives you confidence. I can tell you my feelings... Nothing. No good football, no good tactics, shit results against part timers, no entertainment, no good signings, behind the scenes players desperate to leave (if you doubt what I say here, ask any player to say something nice about his coaching ability, except Lee, who may not even back him), no forward thinking, no long term thinking, youngsters losing confidence, scouting non existant, unbelievable naivety in the transfer market (agents hear we're interested and spout it to the world hoping to get a better deal), just shite. Shite. But... We have to offer him something. Ally has proved that he is Rangers through and through. His performance in the summer in our time of need means that he should be offered a position on the board (I doubt he would take it as it won't offer him a living that he could make elsewhere) or work as an ambassador of some type. He deserves that and for his work in our time of need I will forever be grateful. That does not blind me to his abilities as a manager though and it should not blind CG either. The biggest decision CG has to make is the man to replace AM. It has to be somoene who is forward thinking and who wil bring success short term and long term. We have to win the league we are in next season but we have to do it with a long term plan in place. We have to use the opportunity that we have to build a good footballing team that can take us to the next level in Europe in the future. The coach we choose has to have the belief that we can play good football and be leaders in the development of the game in Scotland. The game is cahnging and Rangers are not following the cahnges right now, never mind leading the changes. that is not acceptable. Dont listen to the pish that good people dont want to manage us. We are Rangers. If you dont believe we can attract good coaches you seriously underestimate our standing in world football. I'm not going to say who to bring in, that's CG's job and that is what we need to judge him on in the future. Lets not judge him on his soundbytes (which are admittedly pretty good) but judge him on the product that is delivered on the park. The future is hugely important to our club and it's time we started thinking about it instead of constantly thinking about the (recent) past.
  9. I'm a huge Ally fan but not as a manager. I think he has to be on the board - he deserves it and is a great ambassador. I feel that Rangers owe him at least that for his playing history and work during the summer. I was working today so didnt see the game until halfway through the 2nd half and I thought we were very good and I was really excited by the young lads. Luckily the stream I was watching showed highlights at the end and Aird etc were very promising and I thought Hutton was great but I think most of us knew he is very capable. However...once I read a lot of the reports and saw some more highlights I was slightly dissapointed with a couple of things. Not taking anything away from what was a great performance and credit has to go to Ally for that but... 1) Ally still picked McCulloch in midfield. Come on, not even fanatic Ally fans can agree with that. 2) in an interview Ally claimed that the players were the same ones taking the stick for bad performances. Totally naive and it makes me wonder if he will ever get it as a coach/manager? He was taking the stick! It was his decisions (long ball, playing Jig in MF, questionable signings, inability to motivate, poor substitutions, playing players out of position, reluctance to play youngsters on regular basis etc, etc.) that most were questioning. Does Ally not see that or is he trying to be old school and blame the players? 3) If I'm honest I thought the rest of his interview was a polished media performance and too full of cliches. "long way to go etc" In my mind Ally just hasnt got it. Superb asset for the club and I really hope that in future he has a huge role to play but I really cant see him implementing a style that will take us forward longer term. I'm more than ready to wait a while and when the fans are as amazing as they were tonight it's hard to show some open negativity but I have to be honest and say that nothing that Ally has done as a manager gives me much confidence longer term. I think the thing to do is wait and see. Some key questions coming up. Will Hutton (who is obviously good enough) be forced out? As has been the case with many young players under Ally, he doesnt seem to trust them. Will we still play long ball away from home? Will Jig be back in MF? I'll still support the mighty Gers no matter what, but I do worry! Fans tonight were amazing. If I was there I know I would been caught up in it all and would have been chanting Ally's name too. Sorry if you dont agree - I'm just being honest.
  10. This is so true. Its embarrassing how many fans dont see this. Its not the results, its the shit product that is getting delivered. We should be leading the way in Scotland (despite the league we play in) in terms of the style of soccer we play and the entertainment offered. Instead all these 3rd division teams are laughing at us and know that they can get a result by keeping the ball against us and being semi organized. Get Ally on the board right away. It has to be a matter of urgency. He should be honorary director for life and put him in charge of PR as he's very good at it and obviously really cares about the Rangers. If not, he's eventually going to get hounded out and his great work in the summer (as PR guy) will be clouded. Thing is I feel that Ally should be the one who is resigning. It wouldnt be right to sack him, but no doubt about it, his best work for Rangers is not as the manager. Not by a long, long way.
  11. I think this could be a good question. Anyone know if this is correct about the 11-1 voting role? If so, it really would make it interesting. On topic, I'd rather England right now than D3. I just dont see the future of Scottish Football being a good one if we are out of SPL for 3 years. People say England wouldnt want us but I'm not too sure and I said so in a thread months ago that we should have been talking to the English to consider our options. If it's not on then ok but my bet is English D2 would take us and it would be better financially moving up through English leagues than Scottish Leagues. I really dont understand the desire to go to D3 and stay in such a shitty system. Especially when that shitty system is run by the SFA in current guise.
  12. RHYS McCABE probably expected a sneering, snarling Celtic skipper. Instead all he heard from Scott Brown was nothing but PRAISE. The Rangers rookie made his Old Firm debut at Ibrox and looked at ease in the biggest game of his young life. Spraying passes all over the pitch, he was immense. So good, in fact, even Celts captain Broony couldn't hide his respect for the 19 year-old. McCabe, still buzzing yesterday, told SunSport: "Brown was quite an intimidating figure standing in the tunnel before the game. "But out on the park he was actually great towards me. "He even walked past me a few times and said 'well done' after I'd make a couple of good passes. I didn't expect to hear that. "He could have easily got wound up by things out on the pitch, especially after the two red cards. But he didn't do that. "I just loved being out there for the game and it's a day I'll remember for a long time. "Even just walking out to Simply The Best is something I've always wanted to do." With that last comment you'd think McCabe was a big Rangers fan. You'd be right. Chances are he'd have been sitting in the stand if he hadn't been out on the pitch. The kid from Livingston has been a Gers fan all his life. In fact, it was seeing a spectacular Old Firm goal scored by Arthur Numan a decade ago which convinced the nine-year-old he wanted to be a professional footballer. McCabe revealed: "I've been a Rangers supporter since I was a wee boy. I'd mainly watch matches on television. "But my dad and uncle would take me to a few of the bigger games whenever they could. We went to a few Old Firm games. "I remember being in the Club Deck for a game when Numan scored a peach of a left-foot goal from 30 yards. I remember sitting there thinking to myself 'that's what I want to do for a living — I want to play for Rangers'." Within months of that day McCabe was wearing a Gers shirt for the club's under-10s. By 16 he'd left school and signed full-time. And a decade on to the very month from that Numan strike, he was playing against Celtic himself in a game he'll remember forever. The teenager, whose mum Dawn and dad Kevin were at the game, added: "It was a dream. "My parents both had a lump in their throats I think. "They've watched me play all my life — including youth games up in Inverness — and it meant a lot to them as well, seeing me play against Celtic. They saw me make my debut against Hearts and now this. "I absolutely loved it. I didn't know I was playing for sure until training on Saturday. I was involved all week but I didn't want to take anything for granted and then be disappointed. "But when the gaffer named the team and I was in it, it was great. I felt nervous but in a good way. Before the game the other players just told me to go out and enjoy it. They told me there was no pressure on me whatsoever. The way things had been going I think most people expected Celtic to win the league. "But the lads just told me to go out and show people what I could do, and that I was in the team on merit. "I just tried to focus on the football side of it rather than the occasion. I just thought that if I could enjoy the experience then the football would take care of itself and I'd do alright. "Playing in front of 50,000 fans is a big difference from playing for the under-19s in front of a couple of hundred people. It was a big step up but one I really enjoyed." The young midfielder plays with maturity and talks with a level head. He's a credit to his family on and off the park. But his feet are firmly planted on the ground and with his Murray Park peg still situated in the YOUTH TEAM dressing room they're likely to stay there. Rhys added: "I'm still learning my trade so that's where I belong. I'm not overly concerned about where I get changed in the morning. I had duties up until last season. My job used to be to clean up the big indoor hall at Murray Park and make sure the goals were put to the side and all the balls and markers were put away neatly. That was fine by me because it's all part of the learning process."
  13. Just googled Yamagata Blue -that's quality! I think it would be amazing at Ibrox. Imagine the whole Govan stand rocking from side to side doing that?
  14. thought he had a great game and good to see such a level head when talking about chores etc as part of the youth setup. Good to hear full stop as I thought that sort of thing might be leaving the game, glad its still in. I Get the feeling that Mcabe has the potential to go a long, long way. Some of his passing was different class and what I really liked about him was how he managed to find time and space and was always trying to be available for the pass. He showed a real willingness to go forward too, he dug in when he had too and overall I can't remember a bad moment from him. I also have to admit to a little grudging respect for Broon. I said in a post the other day that I thought he would have been good for us if we had signed him. Take the hatred of them out of it and I'll admit that he is turning into a decent player. I've always hated him just cos he plays for them but when I took a step back and really looked at what he does he's certainly a big player for them and he has some talent. It was interesting to read that he's an intimidating figure before the game but pretty good to hear that he's not all that bad and even in the middle of all that's going on, he found time to say "well done". That showed a little bit of class - must be the Rangers supporter in him when he was younger
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