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  1. Rumoured he was pumping you and your maw and got a groin strain . How’s your arse ?
  2. I listened to miller and Boyd yesterday . Miller spoke well about the club , he’s genuinely fond of the club he wasn’t snide or classless he didn’t say anything but obviously has an issue with that wee Brendan gobbler Murty though and who can blame him
  3. There is a responsibility on all of us to ensure our kids support our team . It needs to be done early . None of this pish “ oh let them suppport who they want “ . Too many have been too liberal . Do you think scum suppprters allow their kids to be bears - of course they don’t There are no excuses for allowing your kids to be scum fans . Fuck all. You are a cunt if you allow your kid to support them
  4. The job is too big for Murty He is like a rabbit in the headlights on the touch line biting that fucking zip . He’s worse than warburton with his lack of plan b . Playing gash and only changes it late in game when windass was injured hopefully that ends the debate over him being permanent manager . Dodged a bullet he can go back to supporting the rat catchers with his dad
  5. Cunts . I’m really a taig , going to watch the well with James Dornan and humming hole yousaf
  6. I’m not able to go to game tomorrow and will be in city centre dont normally watch games in the pub as I go to most but any recommendations for boozers in town ? No fucking sarky gallowgate answers please ?
  7. GF3 - superb spot . In row N and would go a few rows closer to the pitch if seats were available
  8. He is over 6ft but when he jumps he's about 5'8 off the ground , couldn't squeeze a newspaper under his feet when he jumps he's shite , falls over more often than Halliday thought we fought well in the second half . Wilson Mcrorie alves held the team together tonight after jack was off injured getting sick of refs allowing teams to clobber us all over the park but when the likes of Jack try's to meet that challenge he gets sent off , or in the case of tonight gets blootered and no action against that animal that did it
  9. Tav not worst offender , that fucking donkey bates couldn't shoo hens from a midden , runs like legs up to his neck
  10. Oh fuck , I joined in 2011, you have me Sussed , that's all the problems solved now Einstein
  11. Was an open goal to appoint Mcinnes who is a bear ( and probably wasn't the right choice ) but that prick still managed to hit the cross bar
  12. That clown Robertson made an arse of it at Motherwell , what chance have we got . we are getting table legged from board room to on the pitch the concern is how uninspiring he must be with new manager prospects , he can only convince the U20 manager to take the job
  13. on the pitch numerous diddy clubs are showing us up , we are a laughing stock, that's easy to see but 2 shitty wee clubs boards have shown how having the balls to make a strategic managerial change can change things massively - Kilmarnock and Scumdee Utd . Both were fucked and rudderless but made creative decisions to appoint new managers and what a difference it has made meantime the fucking football business mastermind Stewart Robertson continues to run this club in to the ground we have the 2nd highest resourced club in Scotland run by the least experienced manager .
  14. Get him to fuck . Saw enough of his inadequacies last season
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