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  1. 3 minutes ago, Ned Ryerson said:

    The first thing the blair creature and his henchmen did was to set about the media. (disappointed that Campbell name was involved). 

    Take the BBC out of the equation would be the first requisite. 

    Set about setting up alternative radio stations would be another. 

    Its not rocket science.

    Totally agree .

    all the podcasts like Heart and hand etc allow people to get honest media rather than shite from newspaper media driving agendas like sutton , hartson etc

    we no longer need to swallow shite  but we need influencers in key media positions

    . Other then chris jack and Gary ralston there aren’t any other Rangers friendly media out there . They don’t even represent 10 % of all the other media serpents 

    we lost 3 years with Traynor working with us  . A dinosaur that nobody in any newspapers liked . Our new man is much smarter , hopefully he can influence 







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  2. All of the political power brokers in the country are supporting the monkeys 

    Humming baws Yousless, and any SNP MP or at the big counsel are all republican sympathisers . 
    nippy carpet muncher ( when she isn’t pegging Peter murrell ) will never support us . No one is taking

    any notice of 40 years of noncery at Stade de secrets is ignored 

    so unless politics change up here we are always going to be up against ......... Because the SNP control the media up here 

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  3. Until conservatives can find a leader who doesn’t come across as a public school boy buffoon we are fucked 

    they need to do what labour did when they got Blair at the front . Turns out he was a cunt who got us into EU and allowed 7 million freeloaders into the country and an illegal war but what he did was get Tory voters , voting for labour 

    conservatives need to get the buffoon out the way  Rishi in power  , and he could hopefully convince a Scottish public to vote against the SNP . 
    unfortunately politics drives the narrative in so many parts of our life up here 

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  4. 4 minutes ago, Ned Ryerson said:

    Much of it was down to Blair then Salmond. Their main purposes were to ensure change by any means was unleashed upon the UK. All is not lost by any means,, we merely have to set about demolishing their agenda. It will happen, have faith. The tide will turn back again.

    Problem is the country is a one party state .

    snp drew parallels with republican Ireland and went for the vote . Salmond , sturgeon for example are not tarriers  but wanted their vote so seduced then 

    similar to labour in England who went for the Muslim vote 




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  5. 1 minute ago, TamCoopz said:

    Well we could do with the cunts over at shittodrie and swinecastle backing us up the now to try get some sort of investigation. Also the ones at drugby park aswell. Oh and the cunts at bheaster rhoad. And fuck smeltic too

    That Cormack wants to call them out after the Dungcaster phoning him late on the Friday but he has no dog in this fight 

    whatever happens with SPFL announcement on winners and relegation has no impact on the sheep .

    Mutton faced cunt but actually think he is a straight guy and not happy with the nappy rippers in all this 







  6. You’re right , SPFL board are all tarriers other than Robertson and les gray and he is sucking liewell . He would have been supportive 5years ago 

    problem is that even potential allies like Leanne dempster ( who was a bear ) and  budge are getting pressurised from other areas - Petrie with Dempster and budge just doing what she can to avoid relationship 

    no one wants to help us . Same in England where everyone hate Man U , simply because they were the most successful team 

  7. My fear is that although we are correct about the recent vote fiasco that our evidence about corruption will be pissed on by the usual mhedia types like the failed trialist, Speirs , English etc and we will be made to look bitter and aggrieved 

    no other clubs will put their heads above the parapet and support us as they fear the power of liewell fc 

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  8. 8 minutes ago, SeparateEntityMyArse said:

    Hopefully before I'm 6 feet under. Not that im planning that for a long long time. But tbh I doubt in my lifetime I'll see "our" sort control media and politics. The other mob played the long game far too well and got placemen into positions of influence. Our types cant get promoted that high under their control.

    Our only chance is if the whole corrupt lot implode and pay the penalty for their actions. And given they control judicial process, politics, etc that's never going to happen.

    Our only chance is if we can unite behind one party rather than split our votes allowing snp their power base. We cant even manage that and thats why we'll continue to fail.


  9. Granted we need to improve on the park slightly but that aside we are so far off the pace with our influence in SPFL , SFA and the Scottish media 

    liewell has all his chosen people like McLennan , Dungcaster , Regan ( before he left ) , Fat Rod the former celtic lawyer etc etc

    Mhedia all in their pockets - Gollum , Matt Lyndsay , thom English , speirs , “mickey “ , everyone at the Rhebel ( including jackass who was once a bear ) , roger hannah

    and that’s before the useful village idiots like mutton and hartson 

    the only people in the media defending us are Alex Rae and Chris jack at the evening times

    cunts like Derek Ferguson and billy Dodds take the BBC shilling to slag us

    the last issue is their influence over referees . Not even attempting to catalogue what’s been going on here as it’s extensive but again they have control over this narrative 

    my view , it will be 5 years before we manage to get any form of influence in these areas 

    we have seen just how little influence over things with this recent SPFL vote 




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