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  1. Will show how naive and short sighted the board are if they they think Murty can do a job til the end of the season . Before the season ends We have 2 games against the monkeys , a cup run and 2nd place to play for and we get fuck all of these if he is in charge . He was a rabbit in the headlights against Morton , reminded me of McDowell standing there with his arms folded saying fuck all The guy is a tool , talking about how his old man is a sellic fan recently - fuck off , should have been emptied with the 3 stooges
  2. I would rather that McMurty guy wasn't in charge , he was appointed by warburton and probably has the same playing philosophy
  3. Just said around the 80th minute that big part of our problem was that Rangers "hadn't beaten a top 5 team" the guy is a bheast , he eats Suttons cock and now has lost his mind we have beaten top 5 teams and is a fucking liar . Anyone who supports that prick is a prick ,
  4. He was superb today , well up for any personal battle and was well fired up . Wish he was a few years younger . Would have been a great partner with someone with similar characteristics to Carlos cueller
  5. My main issue with Halliday is that I saw what he did against brown etc at hampden in the semi and just expect more from one of our own . If he can do that once he should be able to replicate it he is limited but so is brown yet look how effective he is for his team . Halliday should get up to 20% more of his performances due to his affinity with the club I had the benefit of watching barry Ferguson and you saw a young rangers fan with desire , heart and swagger controlling the midfield, just expect more from someone who gets all the songs and runs about throwing his arms up to the
  6. I think he does hide . If there is a loose ball or second ball in midfield he never takes the responsibility of trying to win it and he is never available for a pass actually thought holt played very well today , always trying to be positive and get forward and for the smallest guy in midfield had most dig saw on my Twitter yesterday that Claudio Reyna was back in Scotland and holt sort of reminds me of Reyna , always trying to link midfield with forwards and lots of tidy passing . I like holts resilience , like Barrie Mackay he will get clobbered loads but still takes his man on /
  7. Who fucking cares , most of them observed the minutes silence , there are cunts in every support that let the majority down . more concerned about our teams fragile mental state and not being up for the fight in such a big game
  8. I think there were only 3 players today who could be part of a league winning team - wes , Barrie and windass ( if he keeps developing ) . The rest arent good enough but Halliday is the most disappointing as he knows what this is all about but looks gutless
  9. The little bheast didn't even contribute to them winning yet he plays the fuckin hero and ties a scarf to the goal post like he just conquered a nation . Cunts keeping saying the is no OF / we are a new club etc yet they were jumping around like they won the champions league at the final whistle
  10. He did his usual slapping the ground like he had broken a leg after a tackle then jumps up and plays again .
  11. Possibly a dead heat over the course of this season
  12. Where is the witchhunt , every game he gets him name sung loud just cos he was brought up nearby . When did we last sing about kenny Miller for example , done far more for this club yet gets no recognition from the terraces
  13. We will never win the league with him regularly in the team . We have no midfield and he is the worst culprit . He can't tackle , falls over all the time and is a shit bag . I don't care if he is dyed in the wool etc etc , he is a fucking fraud
  14. As you are staying at Pacific quay go to almost any pub on Paisley road west , start at grapes then go up to district bar at half time for a change
  15. Halliday impresses 1 in every half dozen games at most . He is so flimsy , hardly ever nails important tackles and when he does tackles he ends up on his arse i love what he's about as a fan etc but as a player he doesn't do it
  16. Not only is butcher hating on us he is a lying bheast as well , re writing the past
  17. Wallace gets his arse handed to him regularly by the winger he is competing with , he has no pace at all and is predictable going forward . Could get a better full back on half the wages he is on
  18. Course it is . We are getting dominated by 4 bottom 6 teams who are simply playing more in midfield . Unless we are fucking Barcelona we can give up the midfield battle needs to be 4-4- 2 or we are getting our arses felt every game . And fuck you cunts that are in denial league is over even before we play the Bheast 11
  19. Cammy bell is a fucking clown
  20. Too many bears voted for the Jacobite party , there wouldn't have been such as swing since the referendum otherwise . Saw on another forum poll just how many were voting for the scottish nazi party , can't believe so many would vote for those manky republican cunts
  21. Was thinking this as well even before today , cammy bell is nowhere good enough , I wouldn't have him as our stand in keeper in the top league . Because he's been out so long i wasn't sure what standard of player he was but he's really not that good . He was the killie keeper FFS
  22. Why you hoping for 3 home games , that means we won't finish second ? Strange to hope for that
  23. No chance we will go up . Fucking losers the lot of them . Almost lost interest .
  24. No fucking chance we will be get promoted . Shower of fucking bitches .
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