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  1. Pair of smug pricks . Only person that finds that fat wanker funny is himself , loves having a go at us and never slags the beggars and sits in that self righteous position as a neutral fan.Aye right. Cosgrove eats dicks .
  2. Agree with the wylde comments but think you are focussing too much on the negative , there was a lot of good play today . If I wanted to nitpick I would advise you that you either use Mr or esquire , never both.
  3. By far our worst player today . Offers nothing these days . What annoyed me most today was giving up so easily on balls he could have got to and immediately giving up when he couldn't get by a man
  4. Sick of this tactic , gives us a 50/50 chance with a hammer thrower centre back and just honking to watch
  5. Signing or not signing miller has no bearing . We are getting run over by poor teams and not getting a grip on crucial midfield position . Too many midfielders walk with the ball rather than run with it . Ally and his gang hut are not inspiring the players , he won't be here next season , and I hate saying that .
  6. Nope. Steve lomas in his prime would be ideal for our midfield right now.
  7. Agree with this. I thought lennons wee gang hut was short of quality on tactics and strategy but realise now that ally's coaching support is not helping him . Durrant in particular offers nothing and unfortunately had the same success as John brown ( both loyal and great players but will never be successful managers )
  8. Supply is the problem , not the strikers . Worst ever rangers midfield since Paul le pope reign . Need a wee barry type player
  9. Thought he was very adept from what I saw at home games . Sure we've got a hammer thrower to replace the starting slot he was never getting anyway .
  10. We've heard fuck all from lieswell and his cheap snidey comments for a while but he will soon be back in the press now they are top
  11. We have been getting bossed about for the last 6 games and the management team have had no fucking answers to any of these performances. This game tonight provided no surprises , the only robbing done recently was against ICT . We possibly have the least dynamic midfield in the league at times and I know it's an old fucking story but that's where so many games are won and lost
  12. Why would he be trusted with more cash when he has bought 3 midfielders that don't get played , secured Whittaker and Davis on 2 of the largest salaries at the club and continual backing of edu . All points to serious misjudgement . Also whyte is not skilled in the transfer market as we saw close season and I don't think he is committed enough to fund what is required to win the league , his priority seems to be financially motivated.
  13. Agreed , he must be one of the most easily beaten fullbacks in the Spl
  14. Agree with some of this . However, Aluko is good enough and I think Davis is not a natural leader and the captaincy could be hindering his performances
  15. I don't give a monkeys who we have in the team , we will beat those James blunts on Wednesday
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