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  1. Everyone at the club needs to get to fuck right now . Can't beat the bottom fucking team and not for the first time . Fucking gash . Sick of the fucking lot
  2. I very much doubt that's the kit , the leaks tend to be bollocks . Pretty disappointing if it is ,Puma can be pretty creative but that's basic
  3. So you start a negative thread then go . Gut instinct , you are a fucking Bheast FC nonce . Want to respond ya fucking cunt ?
  4. Anyone that calls the Broomloan the celtic end is a cunt . It's the fucking Broomloan , nothing else . I sit there and no one calls it the smelly paedo supporting end . The vermin are allowed to put their cock ridden arses on our pews every now and again. Thinking about it , I hope the seats are jet washed after those smelly shitey hoops are seated
  5. Don't see the problem . We're not fucking savages . If it was a game against the Bheasts then sure it would be a problem but it was against hearts and there was a planned celebration to mark the bronze bust of sandy and 1 minute applause for one of their fans . there are bigger things to concern yourself about
  6. Benefit of the ban is it keeps him out the way , he's possibly the worst keeper I've seen in a Rangers jersey
  7. Allan was trying to injure , angry horrible wee cunt showing his true colours , thought he was meant to be a decent player
  8. No chance , this squad is beyond help , gutless losers . The squad is toxic , there's been too long a period of part time training sessions , jolly japes at Auchenhowie with no structured coaching or training sessions . The lack of proper coaching, long ball tactics , old pals act with certain players and lack of fitness is too deep rooted now . It's a lost cause . All about planning for next season now , if you think otherwise you're a dreamer , or haven't been to enough games
  9. You're the cunt , all you do is noise folk up
  10. Haven't seen one performance from him that made me think I'm glad he's in my team
  11. I was actually thinking about when will I next watch a rangers victory . Next 2 away games against raith then Falkirk and I honestly don't expect to win either . After that is Cowdenbeath away and no doubt another pumping . Relentless
  12. The majority of players put in a performance but we still got outfoxed against a team we outplayed who were well prepared by a mediocre coach Another coaching master class from the fuck wits who manage our team
  13. Couldn't give a fuck , detest our shite bag team just now . Will go through the motions and go to the game on autopilot and put up with the torture . No enjoyment at all until the fucking crooks running the club are booted out
  14. Very conservative manager , would much rather have derek mcinnes
  15. Hutton is a fraud , struts about like a midfield maestro but he's a fucking mincer that can't pass a ball . And to think super fuckin ally sang his praises and renewed his contract . Looked shite in the bottom tier . I actually thought this was one of Huttons better games today , his is that shite
  16. You get to fuck , you stink of nappy rippin bheast . I'm calling you out ya dirty fucking bheast
  17. Is that her real face ? Wouldn't pump her for practice
  18. My son and I will be in our usual seats . Hopefully a performance from the coaches and team which will translate to some positivity back in our beautiful old stadium . The change in shareholding over the last few days should at least give us some new hope
  19. This is great news , over 30% of the club owned by genuine Rangers men. 2015 will be the platform for proper recovery . Hope the smelly lurking Bheasts are reading all of these good news stories and frothing like fuck .
  20. McDowell needs to get his head together and stop greeting , there's a fucking 2nd place play off and pride to play for . Either focus on the task in hand or fuck off . Not got the right fighting spirit by the sound of things
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