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  1. Anyone that attends games knows that the manager and the team have had unbelievable support over the last few seasons . I don't know how they could get better support , particularly when the play has been so poor . What more do you want ? But that will only last for so long given the performances and soon there will justifiably be vocal discontent from the support .
  2. Excuse after excuse . Fucking hate listening and seeing the guy . I can't put my finger on whether he is a bullshitter or deluded
  3. I think that's part of the problem with mccoist , he doesn't hear the dissent from the support , he will hear the super Ally chant from a small section of the support every game and thinks everything is fine . There is never anything vocal against him of any note , other than after the ramsdens final . If he heard some snash directed at him I think he would be shocked and consider his position
  4. I like to hear them but hate to hear the cringey sounds of "super ally " and " he's blue , he's white " . Those coaching importers shouldn't be getting that
  5. The board don't give a monkeys about the performances on the pitch . As long as we are grinding our way turgidly through the leagues they couldn't give a fuck . They will have a better club / product to sell when we are in the top tier and the rest is just detail to them .
  6. Durrant does a great hands in pockets trick . Best pocket billboards player in scotland apparently
  7. He should have walked after the cup final last season if he had any pride in his ability as a manager
  8. Well that's it fucked for a debate after the first game
  9. He talks like he has absolutely no responsibility for the performances or results . He might have well have said "It's was the strikers fault , see you later cuntos "
  10. Whit ? Is there a village missing an idiot
  11. The Board are shit bags and there be no sacking until promotion prospects are fucked or until they hear the support telling mccoist to get to fuck
  12. Would much rather see him in the team than Jig . If he laughs at Ally's jokes there is no reason why he won't get a game
  13. The only way we can justify that size and cost of a squad is some decent runs in the cups . But we know ally doesn't like cup runs
  14. Ask them if they consider steak n BJ day as dinner at that their sisters day . If it's yes they are ra sellic fans I think you should be asked the question
  15. He's got philanthropist work to do in Syria or Afghanistan just now , might be back to help us later , kind man that he is
  16. Wasn't unbeaten . You need to go to some games
  17. We are a hugely resourced club spending a fortune to grind our way through part time leagues , why the fuxk do we need a scouting network when ally has managed to source plenty of over priced duds . Get rid of every cunt In the coaching staff , put the local lolly pop men in the dug out and get their pal from the local bowling club in as chief scout and hey presto , a massive improvement
  18. That's a thinking managers beard , will help pull out a few more draws from the jaws of victory
  19. Very true . Too many unappreciative rebel cunts supporting a wee rebel team in scotland . The same manky fans make such an issue when we celebrate services days etc , they actually try to besmirk the whole thing In the states they are allowed to publicly support and thank the troops without some insinuation that the supporters are bigots .
  20. I suppose the first half dozen games last season at home the away keeper was doing that but notice the rest of the season
  21. You miss the point , I was stating that fallen generally means killed . Night night
  22. Nope . Fallen generally means killed . Sandy had a pretty full life and it should be celebrated so applause CAN be appropriate but if it is say for example the death of a soldier or child ie early then a minutes silence is always apt .
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