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  1. Ok , sorry for bothering you ya . Just renewed it , you owe me a gammy , get yer fuckin teeth oot
  2. Keen to renew but not happy giving those CUNTS my money . Are you on the board , all your posts are about renewing season books quickly ?
  3. Was at the game . Atmosphere walking to the game through the streets was incredible . Was at big Amos restaurant before the game
  4. 1. The board are detached from the club , they are representatives of investors and the financial return is all they care about 2. The board are detached from the fans and don't realise how fucked off the majority of the support feel about the management team and the style of football
  5. No . Could be a reason every year on this basis
  6. Likewise , unbelievable game against a team full of superstars at the time
  7. Going to see a trophy get lifted and the usual constipated football
  8. Mccalls maw would be decent compared to ally .
  9. Thought you had a decent leftfield idea , so here's one
  10. Who the fuck is Forfar . Lions don't care much for the opinion of donkeys . All I have to say .
  11. Who the fuck are you ya mucky cunt ?
  12. Might be waiting for a few years with the 3 amigos at the management helm
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