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  1. honestly just withdraw from european competition. run by a pack of corrupt cunts
  2. wasnt there meant to be cameras in the tunnel? not only that, there was video footage of kuedela leaving the ground absolutely fine. so prove this "assault" then.
  3. tbf I was slightly aroused otherwise I would've.
  4. last time I PM'd him he just sent me nudes, think ill give him a miss tbh
  5. on a serious note who are people using for IPTV subs? used to use them years ago but they were flakey at best. The wife refuses to sack sky off, but we've just the basic package so might get a sub (ideally monthly or a trial for a fee as brassic atm) feel free to PM me if you don't want to post on here
  6. All speculation. And they wouldn't be under pressure at all, they've been slaughtered in the press about their delay in investigating so they won't be bothered a jot about that. They'll just hand him a 5 game ban and a paltry club fine, that's literally all that'll happen.
  7. Catch many games in the 19th century did ye aye?
  8. random as fuck but seeing as there isn't a transfer discussion thread as such, Waghorn's contract seems to be up with Derby at the end of the season. would many on here take him back on a free?
  9. would never happen. If a player in our youths gets even close to that level of talent they will get sniped by some bigger european outfit. A la Billy Gilmour
  10. still a household name though. will sell the whole rebuild he did at bournemouth thing as what he could do at celtic. But they, like us, demand instant success and are a far bigger club than bournemouth who would be happy being mid-low table fodder. That and he won't get the money to bring in quality players. doomed in that job if he takes it IMO.
  11. what did you do out of interest?
  12. as opposed to 11 men in tight shorts kicking a bag of air around?
  13. if you didn't like Attitude Era WWF/WWE, there was summit wrong with you pal.
  14. Bale channelling his inner the Rock delivering a We Are The People's elbow
  15. hopefully retail IMO... still about £1200 worth of tech
  16. Thankfully I'm not a footballer so I don't have to make that choice 😂
  17. If I had the opportunity to be a footballer and earn tens of thousands a week at celtic, I would. Doesn't mean I would fucking despise them any less. Worked for MOH anyway.
  18. Most people with common sense. Would you go and work for a rival firm doing less hours for double the money? Of course you would. People that act all high and mighty about it are delusional IMO
  19. Wouldn't blame anyone for signing for them to milk a wage for doing fuck all work. People very easily hammer someone for doing that but 99% of those people would do the same thing if they were in SA's shoes.
  20. as far as i know pros do. Thats why you find players that retire through serious injury, may well only do so because they cannot be insured again. Its also to protect them if they had a career ending injury. look at that ryan mason a few years back.
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