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  1. to be fair im surprised hes allowed to play, which insurer would touch him, if hes not mowing cunts down in his car then hes got a sick note as long as your arm... lucky he can even get home insurance tbh
  2. https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/uk-news/hibs-scott-allan-agrees-ps6m-pedestrian-compensation-884132
  3. loved nothing more than being out and about the pubs etc. when england were in the WC 2018. Especially when Trippier smashed that free kick in against the croats, never forget it was absolute fucking bedlam
  4. not really, if patrick bamford can't get in the england squad, what hope does che adams have? he's only picked to play for them because he would never make the england squad
  5. I dont know a huge amount about him - was he a Canadian native or like scotty arfield - a scot playing for them through a relative?
  6. He plays in Canada now doesn't he? Since cove binned him off.
  7. He would go to a better team than burnley IMO. as a decent attacking threat and ball playing centre half, he would be a good fit at a handful of mid table clubs down there IMO - Aston Villa, Leeds, Everton, all big clubs too. people also seem to forget that we need to be a selling club, get the very best out of new signings for a couple of years and sell on, repeat. They seem so reluctant to let anyone half decent go but thats what we have to do to thrive. season by season we should be able to improve the quality of said signings and let them leave for bigger fees etc. The only (se
  8. RK: No chance he's away as long as Gerrard is here IMO. he's had the opportunity to go back to the EPL with leeds (who to be fair, are an excellent side under an excellent manager - may not win anything but play fantastic attacking football) I think he holds a lot of respect for the gaffer and wouldn't be away. KR: I don't think he will go either, this is probably the biggest club his career will take him. he is a fantastic striker with a poor injury record and again, I think he is happy here. Goldson, Helander & Hagi I think would like to move on when the time is right thou
  9. Needs to have 100 international caps and have a market value of 100m to sign for rangers IMO
  10. he is an oustanding talent and sadly I think well beyond what we will be spending, even if we sell off a few playing assets. Would be brilliant though.
  11. Fuckin hell nearly 250k! you'll definitely be able to buy a beauty of a house with that, far far away from they cunts. Outstanding effort to all involved.
  12. Hopefully enough is raised to move him away from there. it isnt the first time he has been targeted sadly, and maybe this is a blessing in disguise in the form of a fresh start somewhere new away from the scum that sadly inhabit the same area as him. Can get a lot of house where I stay (which is only 90 miles away) for not a lot of money realistically.
  13. Think he will feature in less important fixtures, early cup ties etc. and off the bench at the latter stages of games to rest Tav somewhat. Although Tav has unbelievable stamina and fitness, a rest is never a bad thing, even for 10-15 minutes a game.
  14. he is mainly a sub for them, however you can't write anyone off on that alone. this management team have a great record of improving players and getting the very best out of them. Not saying he will be Elite European level, but he has all the potential and ability to reach the very top.
  15. noticed the tackle as didnt watch the game in full, outstanding. if a cunt ever deserved an upgrade on FIFA, its him
  16. Nmandi Ofoborh who we picked up from Bournemouth could be that, hopefully kicks on the rest of his loan spell at wycombe before he joins us. (as a CDM) Not really though of any goalscoring attacking midfielders in the Arfield role tbh. not sure who could replace him for european football anyway.
  17. No. Got to remember when teams did it in the past, money wasn't part of the huge gulf between the top clubs. even in the 80s. Aye, we would have had a bigger budget, but not the difference it is now. People mentioning Leicester City etc have to remember that aye, what they did was monumental and on a much lower budget to the perceived top 6, however they still had plenty money, plenty of genuinely world class players in the side, and the financial nous to fend off selling key players at crucial stages in a season. If a player is on fire for a team outside the OF in this league,
  18. IDK, Tav and Barasic (when playing together it seems) at their peak are outstanding. especially Borna. his delivery is outstanding. Best attacking full back ive ever seen at rangers.
  19. I dont think so legitimately. you have to pay to upgrade to be able to cast. If you find a dodgy stream of it, then you should be able to with that. Bit shit considering youve paid for BT anyway but.
  20. profit margins at £17 aren't humungous tbf. all clubs do it, sell an absolute fuck tonne on release and a massive price, fans will still pay it evidently. Towards the end of the season or if a re-release is coming etc (champions shirt IIRC) then slash the price to get even more sales and clear old stock. pretty standard
  21. Seen Lee bowyers resigned as Charlton boss. Poor Lee, maybe coming to Scotland is the best step up in his career. 😂😂
  22. Fuck a big name opponent, I'll take easy street right to the semis IMO, give us Granada next, we would batter them. Worry about the bigger teams when theres no smaller ones left.
  23. Would love for him to play as long as buffon too
  24. Does Jimmy bell Count as one of the lads then?
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