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  1. Cheers mate. Taken aback by how well its doing so quickly.
  2. Cheers guys. Much appreciated. if the donations keep coming at this rate we will smash the target in no time. WATP!
  3. Evening lads. Sorry if I'm not allowed to post it here, will remove if needed. As a few of you know my mum was diagnosed with brain mets a couple of months ago. Well ever since radiotherapy she's been housebound. As we cannot afford to lose the chunk of PIP that would be deducted for a mobility car, I'm hoping to raise £1500 to buy her a used one privately. Any donations massively appreciated bears, and if the funds reach £1000, I'll then do a lotto draw for a signed rangers shirt (from the first team in division 3) I'll leave the post im sharing on Facebook in here. Thanks s
  4. RIP Bradley, your in a better place now. But you did live your life to the fullest and showed great courage in the face of adversity. My mum is fighting cancer at the moment and you were an inspiration. Thoughts to the family and Jermaine.
  5. Tbf, I'd of took peralta last season - was nowhere near the level we need but no worse than what we had, and he wouldn't of shit out a tackle at the least.
  6. No great loss for the reasons constantly mentioned about his consistency. He had a short contract, with that money, we could get walker and only spend about 250k more on getting McLean, dorrans in today as well I've heard, things are still positive.
  7. thankfully living so far away from ibrox, I never get stick when we get beat. only have 1 taigy pal and not heard from him.
  8. fuck me, we get embarassed once and they call for the managers head. Didn't say that when Brenda's Celtic lost to the mighty red imps, or when Man U lost to MK Dons. it was an embarassment, move forward, give the manager til the end of the campaign and if he hasn't met targets (1 cup, strong second / push for first) then decide on his future. honestly a joke. We never expected to do well in this tournament, we are still playing a number of pish players (I will now include wallace in that) and the team we are building is going to be 10 fucking strangers, you need time to gel and work well
  9. Absolute shithole. Makes east Kilbride look like Kensington. Gets dark at 2 in the afternoon. Nice airport though.
  10. ordered something online once, they cunts did that to me, on bin day...
  11. I think hes going as he doesn't want to be a wage thief to the club he loves. he knows he isnt going to cut it this season at the very least, and wants to go somewhere new, an opportunity most of us would love, with sun, sea and European football. Good on him, hopefully he comes back on here and shares his stories.
  12. Oh definitely. I do think Bruno could handle 60 games a season as long as he isn't being hammered for the entire game, or to an extent, not playing every minute. Makes absolute sense to bring him off to conserve fitness, energy and reduce the risk of stress injuries. The strength of the midfield will tell how much of the season he can realistically compete in, if he's got an easier life than the defence last season had (less chances going through to the defence as the midfield shouldn't let it get to the defence, especially with Jack, rossiter and dorrans) then he could play the majority
  13. Oh definitely - I'm also hoping he is rested to prevent potential injury - we are going to need him in the big games as much as possible - I think the other Portuguese defender and maybe Wilson can handle the bottom 6 teams. Squad rotation is essential, no need to field your strongest 11 every week. DW may well have played a massive number of games, but no guarantees Bruno can handle a potential 60 game season. Plus, it allows the youngsters some invaluable game time that they'll need to develop.
  14. Hope he is utilized properly next season. Regular rests against the dross and in early cup rounds, get Mcrorie in and Wilson to deal with the shite teams saving Bruno for the important games, like zidane done with Ronaldo last season.
  15. not entirely sure, but was that no his brother the goalie?
  16. Because his hairs the same colour as the bread packaging ?? Don't get me wrong, bates could be an average player, just seemed a bizarre signing to me at the time. Will probably see him punted about on loan then released imo.
  17. Makes you wonder why we signed him tbh, all for signing youth players but we've got decent options at centre half at youth level.
  18. im not clued up on this, whats the score with fingers miller pal?
  19. If he goes, we MUST slap a 25% sell on fee on him. You can bet your life he goes and does a will Hughes, plays bang average living on the hype of his potential and gets a decent money move to the prem at somewhere like palace or Watford. I for one would like to see how he does in the next couple of months especially in Europe, to add a few million dembele dollars to his price tag. I'm 50/50 on selling him as he's probably the most gifted Scottish player we have, but we can't have slackers and liabilities.
  20. To be fair, out of all the shite we had back then, kal Naismith is about the only one to forge a half decent career. Decent goals ratio for Pompey.
  21. I think it'll help having the Scottish players in and around and supporting the imports will help a lot. The likes of jack in the middle, along with Pena and Herrera/Morelos potentially having miller in support, i do agree though I think it may be a slow start and thankfully the first few games are what id call easy games so hopefully we can still pull off results while they are bedding in.
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