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  1. Not bad for a team that isn't very good Jackie... boydy giving it large again 😂
  2. Cheers lads. Good performance all round
  3. Missed the game today troops with a fucked car and work, anyone got the highlights with commentary? Cheers. WATP
  4. He will go to Liverpool after we lift the europa league in gdansk. You heard it here first.
  5. Hoping that if we are champions before going to play them, if we get a penalty for anything, Morelos takes it. No pressure with the league in the bag already.
  6. anyone know what time the tribunal is today for his booking? see from the above post its today fast tracked
  7. I think its actually helped us throughout the season that we haven't NEEDED to get out of second gear. We have been quite fortunate really with a lack of major injuries (Jack, Arfield and Tav aside, and to a degree Arfield and Jack are to be expected somewhat) We haven't had a burnout at any point in the season and I think thats partly because we haven't needed to play out of our skins on a weekly basis. We can grind out wins when we aren't at our best. Thats true champions
  8. It just means and me mate, sorry too much reddit in me 😂 aye was just echoing what you said.
  9. Apologies. Was still seething at it not being given so wasn't paying full attention. Just heard someone going on about it being a definite pen.
  10. Honestly hope to god that once we wrap the league up, he comes out all guns blazing in a press conference, calling out shite referees, media bias against certain players, and all the other corrupt shit we as a club have put up with. Only after the game vs then so when he gets his citation he only misses Diddy games.
  11. Misses St mirren then free for the game at the tattiedome?
  12. He is a fucking cunt however he did keep saying it was a definite penalty. Was pleasantly surprised at that, normally goes all out to say it wouldn't be.
  13. Fair enough Gerrard getting booked bur what the fuck was his second booking for? That and the stone wall pen denied. Beaton doesn't even try to hide it. Scum cunt
  14. if they were similar weight (eg kodiak vs african lion) it would be quite close tbh
  15. i still don't believe this despite it being published from multiple sources hahaha. outstanding if true though
  16. Wonder if we will get any help when we reach the europa league final then...
  17. He has wanted away though. Head turned and performances dripped. Happens all the time. Previously he has been excellent for them. As others say I think our interest cooled in him but if we did go in for him I've every faith in our management team getting getting very best out of him.
  18. anyone got a link for the video anywhere? unfortunately not a member.
  19. Tbf taig or not he is a good coach, and working wonders at West ham. He would be mental to even consider it.
  20. Genuinely isn't outside the realms of possibility. Especially if Aberdeen actually fucking turn up for once against them. Best shot they've got of getting a result against them. That and us scudding them next month of course.
  21. imagine the absolute scenes and tears from sharkhead if we bring 55 and a european cup home to boot.
  22. Didn't know we were after Bruce jenners boy.
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