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  1. He could still get a job in the EPL IMO. Think if Ashley would finally sell newcastle then he'd be back there in a heart beat.
  2. as if he is giving up the gig of managing one of the best international sides in the world to go and manage that shitshow. Pretty sure he's had offers of bigger teams than them but hes stuck with Belgium. AVB is out of work now but is he fuck going to go to them either. Judging from the debacle at Marseille, he doesn't strike me as the kind of manager that would tow a party line, and he would want to build his own team, and they'd need the funds to do that. Which they won't give him IMO. They will just get someone in that will give them some stability but who they can manipulate and contr
  3. by the way... does anyone have that video of orange county SC and us? im sure it got uploaded on one of the threads on here a few month ago but it got pulled before i got a chance to watch it. Im not sure if it was actually this path to glory video or not (as that seems to be a 4 parter documentary - the video i recall was around 30-40mins long so maybe it was just the first episode) Been meaning to ask about it for a while and this thread has just dug up my memory of it. I'm sure their keeper we signed, Cervantes or something, featured in it if that helps.
  4. is Robert any good? you'd have thought being in the academy of a top french team that he would've been, and airdrie was a bizarre as fuck move but maybe a stepping stone to an old firm club or aberdeen or something. That said, Seb Faure was in Lyon's youth & B team for ages...
  5. I've ordered it anyway. Sure I'll get round to it at some point haha.
  6. Down to 14.99 now. Still can't decide whether to bite the bullet as its usually around this on Facebook and I'm yet to play the first. Only really play fifa tbh.
  7. I seen that at the time - do you think him and this lad are being signed as potential first teamers or simply for the partnership/exposure in a new market (like that Chinese lad man u signed years ago)
  8. Great news. So should be back with plenty of time to spare before the game vs them. Hopefully might get some minutes against st mirren or a full rest and hard training session before that game and will be ready for the (potential) title decider.
  9. I've been AFK for a day or two... do we know the extent of tavs injury yet? Weeks or months?
  10. Sure he played recently for Leicester under 23s so has some recent minutes under his belt at least. Cant see it though.
  11. if that is the case, then fair enough, just shows how crooked that league setup is though, forcing clubs to put release clauses into player contracts and then also giving bigger clubs the opportunity to snap up talent (or not so much in Braithwaite's case tbf) giving them a sporting advantage, because no player is gonna sign with legannes and have a 100m release clause but would happily have a 300m one put on when barca come calling.
  12. TBF the issue is Legannes were daft for putting a release clause into his contract. Aye, they banked a tidy 13m profit but how much did they lose by getting relegated? could have just paid him a bit more to secure him at the club. That was their downfall, but i suppose some players will only sign for you if they get a release clause in for hope of a bigger move. Had there been no release clause, Legannes could have told Barcelona to piss off.
  13. Apparantly La Liga rules give permission for a club to sign a player outside of the window on an emergency basis if they can prove the player they are replacing is out for more than 5 months. ridiculous.
  14. Thing is it genuinely wouldn't surprise me if they were to sign someone for emergency cover (for example after another Dubai-gate) like Declan Gallagher and then Motherwell told they couldn't sign a replacement. The more I say it in my head the more it sounds like something that would actually happen
  15. Would be very risky and a bit unfair throwing a youth player with 0 experience in to a game even against the likes of Dundee United as a starter. Plus it would be a bit pointless as we all know that after the suspension Patterson will be back as no. 2 in that position. The most sensible option is to either play/rotate Balogun there until tav is fit again, or if its a longer term injury for a few months then possibly bringing in a freebie on a deal til the end of the season and sub him on for Balogun after x minutes to build up match sharpness. I would imagine we will just use Balogun til
  16. That deal was crooked as fuck, Barcelona got permission to sign him, yet his previous club were denied that same permission to sign a replacement. absolute joke
  17. you sure? not sure how brazilian seasons work but wiki has him as playing for them in 2020, but olympiakos in season 2020-21 - so not sure if he would be eligible or not EDIT: seems he would be eligible, however his reason for leaving Olympiakos was to be close to his family in brazil - during COVID that makes sense tbf
  18. I was surprised with Arfield with him only getting a few minutes in the last match to then start this one, however he didn't appear to be leggy IMO.
  19. same situation with roofe though, whilst morelos is a confidence player, Roofe is a player that thrives on a run of good performances, seems to get better the more frequently he plays and it was a bit baffling seeing them both starting after a long spell on the sidelines for injury and suspension. That said, they both played well, albeit without scoring.
  20. only 2 opportunities I saw that he should've done better at - however he is likely lacking in confidence, and he's been out nearly a month through suspension. Due to his all round play I think he can be forgiven for those missed opportunities.
  21. Fucking ridiculous if a Champions league winner with 26 major honours in his career can't get a work permit.
  22. your username has just given me a stroke
  23. Can't see many clubs fighting for his signature with his injury record. With his quality when fit, I'd rather keep him around to play 2/3rds of a season for us because he has undoubted quality and we can rotate that with Itten and whoever we have if/when both morelos leaves and defoe retires.
  24. why? barely any games in his career IMO, hes no bad but. Rafinha is miles ahead of him if your only thinking short term, 10-15 games anyway. Teixeira is mental, to think they paid 50m for him 5 year ago and hes leaving on a free. That said, he was linked with a move to the middle east for 6m euros a year or something crazy like that not so long ago. thats like 115k a week, mental money but worth it to someone i guess.
  25. surely some harry potter cunt can do some wizardry to get it up on here?
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