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  1. Don’t even know their score but I’m assuming they won convincingly. I had one look at all the tarrier names in that Dundee line up and decided it was a foregone conclusion.
  2. If big Angie was the best they could come up with this time round, who the fuck are they going to appoint after they sack him?
  3. Paul McStay coming back as manager?
  4. Saw a guy wearing a Fernando Ricksen T-shirt in Paignton in Devon yesterday, it’s nice to see his memory being kept alive.
  5. Always saddens me to hear of the passing of a Ranger, especially when it’s someone my own age who I can clearly remember wearing the Royal Blue. Ally Dawson lived the dream and gave his all. RIP.
  6. Sure I heard years ago tarrier Charlie Burchill of Simple Minds lived there.
  7. Disappointed to see us still tied in with an online betting company, for personal reasons.
  8. He’s always been a wee short arse smart arse. Tries to come out with something clever and falls flat on his face. Typical symptoms of wee angry man syndrome.
  9. So Aribo over Roofe or Hagi. If big Joe’s on his game he could destroy them.
  10. At least I’ll be able to watch the whole game this time. Had to leave at halftime the last time to get admitted to hospital. I remember thinking “if I don’t come through this at least I’ve finally seen Alfie score against the bastards”.
  11. Sounds like an accordion band.
  12. My only memories of him are the Hamilton cup game and the final v Dundee Hibernian.
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