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  1. Just saw this, sorry to hear such bad news. Condolences to GOAT and family.
  2. A John Greig signing and a classy footballer. Looking back I think Greig was trying to turn us into more of a footballing side than we had been under Jock Wallace, in the end it just didn’t work out for him. That night at the Piggery had a big effect, we lost a bit of momentum and the tarriers got a big lift from it. If we had won the Treble in Greig’s first season, maybe it would have turned out differently in the long term.
  3. Doesn’t fit in with the Main Stand at all. It’s like walking in the door of Buckingham Palace and suddenly finding yourself in the Savoy.
  4. I actually tried to post “Helen Wheels” earlier but for some reason I was unable to.
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