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  1. Ask me what it doesn’t say, that would be quicker.
  2. As soon as possible, for selfish reasons. I’m still trying to get my head round being diagnosed with cancer out of the blue and I’m going in for surgery this month. I want to go in there knowing 55 is a reality. The thought of it is helping me through this more than that team will ever know.
  3. The right back will always just be known as “that Greek cunt”.
  4. Why do you spell your name Micheal?
  5. That thread on FF sure brought all the Marshall arselickers out.
  6. Happy Birthday to Sir Walter Of Carmyle.
  7. McCoist took us two years forward in three years, Warburton at least did what McCoist couldn’t manage, got us out the Championship. So overall they contributed. Caixhinha did nothing but take us fucking backwards.
  8. We lived in Govan, about halfway between the Stadium and the Southern General, and that’s my abiding memory of that terrible night, the sound of the sirens through the fog.
  9. You’re dead right it’s coming, I can feel it in my water. And as an auld cunt I pass a lot of water.
  10. Hop on to the pitch on your “lucky” foot, kiss your tattoos, cross yourself then point up to dead people in the sky. Some players are halfway across the pitch by the time they’re finished.
  11. And that leads us to the old question, what happens if both the penalty taker and the goalie cross themselves?
  12. And that touching the grass thing coming on and off the pitch. Is it meant to make them play well, protect them from injury or what?
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