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  1. We lived in Govan, about halfway between the Stadium and the Southern General, and that’s my abiding memory of that terrible night, the sound of the sirens through the fog.
  2. You’re dead right it’s coming, I can feel it in my water. And as an auld cunt I pass a lot of water.
  3. Hop on to the pitch on your “lucky” foot, kiss your tattoos, cross yourself then point up to dead people in the sky. Some players are halfway across the pitch by the time they’re finished.
  4. And that leads us to the old question, what happens if both the penalty taker and the goalie cross themselves?
  5. And that touching the grass thing coming on and off the pitch. Is it meant to make them play well, protect them from injury or what?
  6. I was the same, I lived in Govan and we were at my grandparents and listened to the game on the radio then walked the few minutes home, must have passed your house. Still remember it was a foggy night and we started to hear ambulance sirens as the news started to filter through. Three of my uncles were at the game, they all came down that staircase. Two were unscathed, the third was caught up in the crush but got out. Never knew about that until he told me about it not long before he died, he kept it bottled up for over forty years. Over the years I’ve got to know three separate fa
  7. From what I saw in the second half Lazio had plenty of the ball but were toothless up front. Put it back on expecting it to be over, just in time for that goal. No explanation could ever justify what that No 7 did with that pass, under no pressure whatsoever.
  8. That’ll be them thinking they’re going to win the Europa League now.
  9. No surprise they’re winning, they don’t slip up against diddy teams twice and Hibs recently took a draw off them.
  10. After 29th December we were buzzing and they were rattled. The fact we shat our pants in the next game gave them a lift and they went on a run they might not have if we had still been three points behind.
  11. That’s that then, it was inevitable since the moment Worrall fucked up at Kilmarnock, we lost all momentum from that point.
  12. No doubt the gutter press will be in attendance looking for mud to sling.
  13. I don't think for a minute we will lose to Morton, but even if we did I think Warburton would still be in a job - because it's becoming obvious we couldn't afford to replace him.
  14. Scored twice against Hearts when we beat them 4-0 to win the title, think Billy Drinkell might have got the other two?
  15. Looks like Leicester have finally remembered they are Leicester. 3-0 down to Barcelona at half time.
  16. Looks like Allardyce is first choice. Just the man if they ever find themselves in a relegation battle.
  17. I thought that was Derek Johnstone, or Eamonn Holmes.
  18. Under Armour are like other American manufacturers Warrior and New Balance, they don't have a clue how to design a decent soccer uniform.
  19. Was looking at next season's Barcelona top, one version is £60 and there's another version at £92, different material or something.
  20. The amount of money shite clubs get just for being cannon fodder for the teams people want to watch is obscene.
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